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‘No children allowed’ for top Irish wedding planner

Children should not be allowed to attend weddings according to a top Irish wedding planner.

Tara Fay is a highly experienced events and wedding planner. Last year she was the creative force behind the stunning wedding of Irish glamour model and former Miss World Rosanna Davison.

So if anyone knows about weddings, it’s Tara Fay.

'No children allowed' for top Irish wedding planner. Photo copyright Daniel Case CC3

She made the statement during an interview with the Herald, saying that no children at weddings ‘should be the rule’.

Weddings are traditionally joyful occasions where all the family come together to celebrate the marriage of their loved ones.

However, as wedding parties get going, the mood can often shift to a more adult variety as alcohol flows and singletons attempt to attract each other’s attention.

Fay said: “I am very traditional and a bit of a prude, as I don’t believe that children should be around alcohol at all.”

She also added that newborns should definitely not be taken: “I’ve been at weddings where there have been near misses and things have nearly been spilled on babies by accident.”

Fay is not alone in her opinions, as more than half of Irish mums agreed according to parenting website

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They carried out a survey on the issue of children attending weddings, and 52% of mums admitted then would not be able to fully relax and enjoy the occasion if they had to keep a watch on their children.

Although the majority (69%) of Irish Mums that took part in the survey admitted that the decision should be made by the bride and groom, and that attending guests should respect their decision on their big day.

One thought on “‘No children allowed’ for top Irish wedding planner

  1. Rosemary Gouger

    Has she considered making another line of revenue by offering a “child minder service” for weddings?

    23/07/2015 at 1:51 am

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