Moving Guinness advert pays tribute to US soldiers

Michael Kehoe

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5 Responses

  1. barbara capper says:

    Yes had me close to tears. An amazing tribute to the American veterans. God bless them.

  2. Fred Clark says:

    Thanks, and May God Bless all of our service men and women, Irish, English, American and all of those other countries who stood with them…..Proud of you Guinness…..An American Veteran who cares, (and Irish Decent)….

  3. Dennis says:

    Anyone recognize the song? Leaning on the everlasting arms ……

  4. Connie McGrath Stringfellow says:

    Thank you for the tribute. Great commercial. Wish I liked beer, but, I know plenty of people who do.

  5. Seosamh Ó Dálaigh says:

    Had me near to tears!

    Sláinte Guinness.

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