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Music star calls for ban on Irish fur farms

Former boyband star Brian McFadden has joined forces with a host of other Irish celebrities to encourage the public to turn their back on the fur trade.

The singer said: “You wouldn’t wear your dog, please don’t wear any fur.”Music star calls for ban on Irish fur farms

McFadden enjoyed huge success with Westlife in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when they became one of the most successful Irish bands ever with a series of number ones and millions of records sold.

Since the band split, he has used his profile to help several worthy causes.

The latest is animal rights’ group Peta’s campaign for the government to ban fur farms in Ireland.

He posed with his pup Winston for the campaign poster with the strapline: “You wouldn’t wear your dog, please don’t wear any fur.”

Peta spokesperson Elisa Allen said: “Fur farms are hell on Earth for animals.

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“We’re grateful that Brian McFadden has teamed up with Peta in calling on Ireland to join the UK, Croatia and Austria in refusing to allow animals to be electrocuted for the sake of coats and collars.”

McFadden joins fellow musician Imelda May and Hollywood star Cillian Murphy in adding some showbiz weight to the campaign.


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