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Moving apology to future generations on World Earth Day

Happy World Earth Day to you!

Today is the 45th anniversary of the first World Earth Day and people all across the globe are encouraged to consider their actions and try to do what they can to help save the environment.

There is a campaign this year named ‘A Billion Acts of Green’, with countless activities taking place around the world including environmental education programmes, reduction in energy use, and fundraising.

Everyone can do something to help save the environment, no matter how big or small.

One of the hardest hitting actions taken this year comes in the form of a moving apology to future generations for the damage mankind has done to the planet.
Moving apology to future generations on World Earth Day
Prince Ea is an activist from Missouri. He wrote and performed a written piece about the damage the human race is doing to the world. It is expected to go viral across the web in the next week or so.

Ireland is famed for its beautiful countryside and environment. Up and down the country there are various activities taking place today. The owners of Shalvanstown Farm in Co Meath are throwing an Organic Party to raise awareness with a barbeque, cider, farm games and live music all on the agenda.

Schools across the country will also be raising money and awareness with all sorts of events.

Research in the past has indicated that Ireland could be deeply affected by the changes in the world’s climate. It has been suggested that much of the country could be submerged by the rising sea levels caused by melting ice caps, and that the famous green countryside is also under threat.

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