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Martin’s Life – the family try to skype Martin’s sister

Our favourite deadpan animation about the life of an everyday Irish teenager has come up with another great comedy video.

Martin’s Life is the series that follows the life of teenager Martin and the conversations he has with members of his family.

In this video he finds himself in a situation that is familiar to many Irish people – speaking to a relative who has emigrated to another part of the world.

Martin's Life - Martin’s family try to skype his sister in this hilarious animation

In Martin’s case, the relative is his sister who has moved to Australia. Martin is stood in front of the computer with his two parents sat either side of him.

However, they are struggling to make a connection to his sister. Martin’s mother accuses him of ‘using up all the internet’ with his Facebook, ‘or whatever it is you’ll be looking at’.

Meanwhile, Martin’s father is convinced that his daughter would love to hear the news of all the people who have died since they last spoke to her.

The conversation in the hilarious video is likely to ring a bell with a lot of people, who will recognise both the situation they are in and the characteristics of the parents.

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Take a look at the video below.

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