Many children get over €1k for their First Holy Communion

Michael Kehoe

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3 Responses

  1. Elaine Salvino says:

    How much is that in American money?

  2. Rashid Patch says:

    I never got a single cent, neither for 1st Communion, nor for my Confirmation. If there’d been any money in it, maybe I wouldn’t have fallen away from the Church! As it was, there was only the incense, the magic words, the chants and classical music. After the Ecumenical Council, all those were gone. No incense. No Latin. From Gregorian Chant and Bach, to three people with badly tuned guitars singing folk songs. One week, it was solemn high mass, and the next week, it seemed everybody had turned into Presbyterians. Lost me around there…..

  3. Franki loftus says:

    Utterly and totally ridiculous. Need to bring back common sense and integrity. Holy Communion, if you subscribe to the belief, is about a religious rite not a fashion show. The message gets lost.

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