Liam Neeson urges council to restore The Quiet Man cottage

Michael Kehoe

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7 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    This is great news that the Quiet Man cottage may be restored! That is a well loved classic movie. To be able to visit where it was filmed would be awesome!

  2. Nora beall says:

    This is wonderful news.. To hear that the structure is being saved!

  3. Dwight Walter says:

    The Quiet Man is in my top 5 movies of all time, and while I would love to see White O’Morn restored. It is almost repulsive to me that I agree with a worthless anti gun hypocrite like neeson.

  4. Sharon Smolinski says:

    If I could visit where the film was made: the town, the railway station, where the fight occurred, the long road (just a short stretch of the legs) and of course the cottage, I would plan my next trip to Ireland Immediately. Please advise.

  5. Kerry Lantz says:

    That is WONDERFUL news!I believe many Irish Americans would be willing to contribute to the restoration. Maybe something like Kickstarter?
    My visit to Cong was treasured on my first visit to Ireland.

  6. Cindi Coyle- Binando says:

    So happy to hear the structure is being saved! Love love this movie and country! Been to Ireland twice and I am getting ready to come again. My family is so very proud to be Irish! Thank you

  7. Kristy Ogan says:

    It’s said the greatest Irish export is its people. They brought with them a passion for home, tradition and their many forms of art. I love your site. The variety it offers has something for everyone!

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