Liam Neeson speaks about his late wife in emotional interview

Michael Kehoe

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3 Responses

  1. Pauline Ellis says:

    I really love watching Natasha in films. One great actor Liam & Natasha made a loving couple. A young heart stop beating to soon but her love still lives on in her family

  2. Sally Nicholson says:

    Beautiful lady life end love in her eyes. Beautiful couple..Liam you honoured and respected her memory. Some people never know this love. You were both blessed….only a thought and heartbeat away.

  3. Linda Austin says:

    Natasha was a wonderful actor she just had a spark but you could tell she was a good person too. It just shined through. To see the two of them act together was a treat they worked so well together. You are in my prayers and my heart Liam. I lost my on husband five years ago so I know your pain.
    Linda Austin

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