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Inspired Irish jokers make Leaving Cert comedy videos

The Leaving Certs exams are a stressful time for students and many of us will remember the late night studying and nervous wait for the results.

Those memories have inspired several Irish jokers to create videos about the stressful period of taking your exams.Inspired Irish jokers make Leaving Cert comedy videos

The first one comes from The Fupin Eeejits who pose as journalists interviewing students before and after they sit their exams.

It is performed superbly and we will all instantly recognise which of the three extreme students we can relate to.

Take a look below.

Another comical video inspired by the Leaving Certs comes from Facebook Irish mammies Nuala and Noleen, otherwise known as Roslyn Sheridan and Teresa McBride.

Their video sees the two Irish mammies berate their children with every classic phrase you can remember, and also light a candle and throw some holy water to ensure their child does well.

Take a look at Nuala and Noleen at their best.

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Good luck to all students with their exams in Ireland and around the world.


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