James Galway criticises Ian Paisley Sr over Northern Ireland killings

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2 Responses

  1. Mary-Joan Hale says:

    I agree with Sir James Galway, Whenever there was a break in theTroubles, he would fly off the handle and incite the Unionists. He was a fool and a disgrace to Christians. No doubt, there may have been some RC clergymen who were vociferous in their criticism of the Protestants, but none so famous or injurious. As a matter of fact, many clergy spoke against the violence from the pulpit. I hope he repented before death, or he might be very warm right now.

  2. Misha says:

    His comments are correct in every sense and it shows he is a truly good man. Ian Paisley was a notorious narcissistic sociopath loved by the English Occupying forces in Northern Ireland. He (IP) is remembered best for his belligerent, psychopathic tirades at the mere mention of “Roman Catholic” and his blasphemous remarks about The Pope. His name is not Irish so clearly his family was among the British Protestants imported by the Westminster Government. He abused his power to block the native Irish (Roman Catholics) accessing vital resources such as education, employment and housing not to mention deliberate provocation by marching aggressively through their community for their “Parades” with the blessing of the English Army.

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