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Irishman loses patience with satnav – warning, strong language!

An Irishman was recorded losing his patience with his sat nav and the video has proved to be a massive hit online.

Tipperary man Declan Flannery was trying to tell his machine that he required directions to a new destination – Cloughjordan.Irishman loses patience with satnav - warning, strong language!

However, unfortunately the technology couldn’t grasp what he was saying, causing Declan to lose his temper and start swearing at his gadget.

The comical episode was all recorded by passengers in the back seat of Declan’s car. The video was posted online and it has attracted more than one million views so far.

Everyone has had their own troubles with technology at some point and will be able to relate to Declan’s frustration, making his rant all the more entertaining.

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Take a look at the video for yourself, but be warned, it does contain very strong language.


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