Irish women turned off by men who can’t light barbecue

Michael Kehoe

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  1. Michael Coleman says:

    Your article on barbecuing was an interesting read, but over the years I’ve found that there is a lot more to it than just throwing meat on the grill. A lot has to do with flavor. I found hardwood blend of charcoal, soaked hard wood like oak, hickory, maple, or fruit woods can enhance flavor by smoking the meat. Another way to enhance the flavor is by using dry rubs of spices and herbs. My personal favorite rub for beef,chicken, pork or lamb happens to be garlic salt, rosemary, and old bay seasoning which consist of paprika, red pepper, cinnamon, and black pepper. Just a little secret spray both sides of the meat with a light olive oil and the rub will stay on the meat. Time and temperature is also important. Slow cooking at 200-250 degrees F. should take 3-4 hours for pork spare ribs and steaming in a good barbecue sauce will yield an excellent meal and will certainly win a young lady’s heart.

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