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Irish people rate foreigners’ attempts at the Irish accent

The Irish accent is widely considered as one of the sexiest and charming in the world. From the smooth soothing tone of Frank Kelly, to the energetic and mischievous voice of Colin Farrell, people just like listening to Irish accents.

One of the downsides to having such universally popular accent, is that Irish people have to frequently watch foreigners try to mimic their voices, with most of them failing miserably.

Irish people rate foreigners' attempts at the Irish accent

Even Hollywood A-listers have come been criticised for their Irish accents over the years – Julia Roberts in Mary Reilly and Brad Pitt in Snatch are just a couple of examples.

Pierce Brosnan came under fire for his Irish accent in the 1988 film Taffin – and he is Irish!

So as much as people around the world like listening to the Irish accent, not many of them can actually do it.

The team at YouTube channel Facts have created a video of Irish people rating foreigners trying to do the Irish accent.

Some are totally woeful, while others fare a little better. There is even a celebrity star joining in the fun.

All attempts are rated and scored by the experts themselves.

They are less than impressed by most, and point out: “If you can’t do accents then don’t attempt them!”

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Take a look at the video and decide for yourself who is the best.


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