Irish orphans ‘painted black for entertainment’

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7 Responses

  1. Nancy M says:

    Every nation has its shameful past. Hopefully, we’ve moved beyond those horrible things.

  2. Elizabeth Greco says:

    Catherine- You must not have read about the Irish uprising! They were slaughtered by the British who had all the military might! The Irish were poor farmers with very little arms. It wasn’t a numbers game.

  3. Catherine Klinski says:

    Blame the British not Trump. Looking for another skapegoat besides the ones who really did this to you. Why didn’t they group together and fight against it. Just like Americans fought the British and won. You mean to tell me there were more Brits in Ireland than Irish people to get away with this. What are you really looking for? 9million Irish died at the hands of the British. There had to be more than 9 million Brits to do this.

  4. Pat nagel says:

    These things should be printed , front page to remind England and the world the horrors committed by the civilized (ha ha) countries of the world. Horrible. Trump will do the same to Mexican, Muslims and fat women if he gets elected and can get by with it! He is as horrible as these people and they got away with it!

  5. Lita power says:

    If the world only knew what irish suffered at the hands off the British, starved us,murdered us, sold us into slavery, 9 million irish died at the hands off the British, took all our food in the famine to send to England, separated families never to see one another again, burned us out off our houses, took our land, dumped thousands off ships into sea because they wouldn’t have enough to eat for themselves to finish the journey, I could go on and on there’s so much more the world wouldn’t believe what the British did in this land our land, we had to pay to live on our own land,

  6. Doug Walsh says:

    My grandmother was what they termed a British Home Child. Over 300000 children were shipped to Canada Australia and New Zealand to fill a labour shortage. Child slave. Bernardos was one agency. I hope these children get compensated!! And bastards who did this to them rot in hell. I wrote David Cameron when he gave his big apolgy on behalf of my grandmother and family. “Shove your apology up your arse!”

  7. Marcia Dunne says:

    I am an Australian I am sickened by what these children went thru ,it’s about time the truth is revealed .
    Not only then but what has been going on down the years .

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