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Irish Mammy surprised at work by returning son

Don’t we all love these videos? An Irish Mammy has her heart filled up by her kids coming home to surprise her.

This one comes from Andrew Hyde who had spent five months travelling around Asia before he decided to return to his native Ireland and surprise his Mammy at work.

Irish Mammy surprised at work by returning son

As soon as he got off the plane, Andrew visited his Mum at her place of work – Portiuncula Hospital in Co Galway.

The shocking return was recorded by Andrew’s sister using a mobile phone and both the joy and surprise on their Mammy’s face are clear to see.

She leaps up from behind her desk and hugs Andrew so hard he has to tell her: “You’re cutting off the circulation there a little bit!”

The poor Mammy then starts to cry with joy as she looks her boy up and down not believing he’s stood there in front of her.

A closer look reveals that Andrew is not exactly fresh after spending 22 hours straight travelling and his poor Mammy shrieks out: “Ahh you’re filthy!”

Andrew then gives his Mammy another hug and tells her he had to come home because he “missed her cooking”.

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