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Irish farmer teaches daughter to drive tractor

An Irish woman has posted a comical video of her farmer dad teaching her how to drive a tractor.

She posted the video online with the heading: “When your Dad wants to sell you off to an Irish Farmer. With his version of ‘What Men Should Be Looking for in a Woman’.”Irish daughter drives tractor

Clare Martyn from Co Navan is the brave daughter in the video. She controls the tractor expertly as she lifts a bail of hay and moves it across the field and drops it into a storage unit.

Throughout the video, dad Eamon is ferociously shouting instructions and encouragement to Clare, along the lines of “Get stuck in, c’mon!” and “This tractor is for real women, not these office girls!”

Clare keeps her cool admirably and succeeds in her task, ending the sequence by driving away with her arm raised triumphantly in the air.

The video is great fun and the bond between Clare and her dad shines throughout it, as they both laugh away at her struggle.

Both have become overnight internet stars as the video gets shared, viewed and liked across social media.

The comments on Clare’s Facebook page were full of praise for Clare and Eamon.

One person said: “That’s brilliant the farmers will be beating down your door with those tractor skills!”

Another wrote: “Your da to this day has one of the most Irish voices I’ve ever heard.”

Clare added her own comment to the video saying: “Dad wants to go viral.”

Take a look at the hilarious video yourself, and share it with your friends.

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When your Dad wants to sell you off to an Irish Farmer. With his version of "What Men Should Be Looking For In a Woman"

Posted by Clare Martyn on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Written by Andrew Moore

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