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Irish dog can’t stand the guilt after destroying couch

“Did you do this?” Poor Benny couldn’t meet his owner’s eyes as he shifted uncomfortably on the end of the couch.

This Irish dog has the look of guilt about him, after his owner asked him if he was responsible for the destroyed couch in his front room.

Irish dog can’t stand the guilt after destroying couch
Benny was lying on the remaining good side of the couch nervously, knowing he was in trouble.

His owner, John from Firhouse Dublin, had returned home to find his couch completely destroyed with the cushions torn open and the stuffing scattered all across the floor.

John chose to record the confrontation with his pet on his mobile phone, and the adorable reaction from Benny has earned himself many fans online.

The video shows John asking Benny: “Did you do this?” Poor Benny can’t answer and looks away from his owner, knowing he has let him down. Like a naughty schoolboy waiting for his punishment, the poor pooch knows he has done wrong and fidgets in his seat.

He clearly just wants the confrontation to be over, so that he can get back to being best friends with John.

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Watch poor Benny in the video below.

Written by Andrew Moore


One thought on “Irish dog can’t stand the guilt after destroying couch

  1. This is the funniest dog video I’ve seen in a long time. My dog does the exact same thing & can’t decide if he wants to wag his tail or not. He wants to come to me but won’t. I get a lot of pleasure from your page.

    16/11/2016 at 12:52 am

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