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Irish dance legend takes up painting with his feet

Michael Flatley is probably the most famous Irish dancer in the world and now he has announced his retirement from dancing he has found a new way to keep his skilful feet busy.

We all know that Flatley is a very talented and creative man but we probably wouldn’t have predicted that he would take up painting – with his feet.

The new string to his bow was revealed earlier this year on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show.

Michael Flatley’s hidden talent? Irish dance star created these paintings with his feet

Presenter Ryan Tubridy chatted to Irish art dealer Morgan O’Driscoll as they showcased two pieces created by Flatley.

O’Driscoll said: “What I believe is he dips his shoes in the paint and dances around.”

“He goes into a deep concentraition. I don’t think he uses any music, he just goes to the beat in his head.”

The two paintings were called ‘The Power’ and ‘Flight of the Quetzal’. Flatley said that ‘The Power’ represents the positive power of the universe.

He said: “A power that is ever changing but never loses its strength and never loses its purpose. The metallic gold and silver represent elements of the atomic nucleus.

“The bronze is the cohesive attraction of energies as they merge in free form.”

The paintings sold for €120,000 when they were auctioned in April.

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Take a look at the RTÉ’ video below.

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