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Irish comedian Knighted by Pope Francis

Congratulations to Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket who has been honoured with a papal Knighthood for his charity work.

The 69-year-old from Co Tyrone has worked tirelessly for worthy causes since he made his name in the 1970s with the popular TV series ‘And There’s More’.

Cricket – whose real name is James Mulgrew – found out about the honour from his local priest in his adopted home town of Rochdale, England.

Jimmy Cricket - Congratulations to the veteran Irish comedian on receiving a Knighthood from the Pope

At first he thought that the priest had popped round to wish him an early ‘happy 70th birthday’.

However, he had a big surprise in store – the highest honour that can be granted by the Catholic Church. Cricket told the Irish Post: “I found out about my Papal Knighthood when my priest Fr Joe came round to my house and told me to sit down.

“He then produced this very large certificate which was written in Latin. He roughly translated it and it turned out it was for good work.”

“I was to say the least, overwhelmed. After all I’ve been already blessed to do a job I love. I travel up and down the country entertaining people, and whether it be a paid gig or a charity show for expenses, I enjoy every minute.

“I feel so honoured that I’ve been given it and it will have pride of place up on my wall.”

The funnyman tweeted a photograph of his certificate and added that he was overjoyed to have received the honour.

Well done to Jimmy Cricket from all of us at Ireland Calling.

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