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Irish Ambassador bakes home made gift for Barbra Streisand

American star Barbra Streisand has become one of the world’s most famous fans of the Irish classic soda bread.

The legendary actress and singer was given some soda bread by the Irish Ambassador to the US in Washington DC.

The Irish Independent report that Streisand had been in Washington DC to give a presentation for her charity ‘Fight the Lady Killers’.

Barbra Streisand - Irish Ambassador delighted the American actress with a gift of this Irish food copyright lifescript cc2

She had been in the capital to ask Congress to invest more money in combating heart disease, which is on the rise in the US.

The following day the Irish ambassador Anne Anderson brought her a loaf of soda bread that she had cooked herself.

Streisand posted on her Instagram account: “When I was in Washington, DC last week, I told the Irish Ambassador that I loved Irish soda bread. To my delight, she went home and brought back a fresh baked loaf. It was yummy.”

It seems that things went more smoothly for Streisand than they did on her last visit to Washington DC.

On a recent visit her dog bit a flight attendant, on a private flight from New York. The bite was severe enough to require stitches.

Streisand said at the time: “This never happened before, the dog has never had this kind of behaviour.

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“She’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. She’s like the daughter I never had.”

If any Barbra Streisand fans would like to bake her favourite loaf, check out our Irish soda bread recipe.

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