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Ireland lays on ‘embarrassing’ reception for Donald Trump

The Irish government laid on a bizarre airport reception for American businessman Donald Trump which left may observers cringing with embarrassment.

Donald Trump photo copyright Gage Skidmore cc3
Donald Trump photo copyright Gage Skidmore

Trump has promised to create hundreds of jobs in Ireland with a new luxury hotel and golf course.

He flew into Shannon airport to oversee the project and was treated to an official red carpet reception led by Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan. The event featured three women musicians who wore light red dresses and appeared to be shivering with cold as they waited to provide a musical welcome for the 67-year-old billionaire.

Trump himself seemed a little bemused as he waited for the music to finish, which could barely be heard over the sound of nearby aircraft. He applauded the women for their efforts before moving on.

The reception was described as pompous and overblown by many of those who witnessed it live or on TV coverage.

Irish Journal reader Peter Richardson wrote: “It’s mortifying. We debase ourselves at every opportunity. We are worth more than this. Surely, we are better than this?”

Joan Murphy wrote: “I cringed when I seen that photo .. Did I miss something or is trump now God?”

Margaret Hoiby said: “Since when did Trump become a dignitary? Who came up with the red carpet dear God???”

Noreen Lunney said: “I’m away to crawl in that hole, the shame, the shame!”

This is a video of the reception.

Trump plans to be in Ireland for three days to check on the progress of the development and address the concerns of local campaigners who fear the development may have an adverse effect on the environment.

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2 thoughts on “Ireland lays on ‘embarrassing’ reception for Donald Trump

  1. Equivalent

    I am not from USA but what I see from this Republican nomination is that Donald Trump is the most worthy candidate than anyone else. He has not been controlled by anyone else and nor will be because he did not accept any donation for his campaign and by that he is not bound to return the favor if someday he gets elected. Other candidates has been sponsored by several group of people or establishment who would like to ask a favor if someday they were get elected. This was already and currently happening where the rich individuals has been favored by the government instead of those middle class tax payers. Those few rich individuals are controlling these so-called career politicians who created rules and policies in favored of their donors.

    18/03/2016 at 8:00 am
  2. Catherine

    are you kidding we lay out a red carpet for Donal trump…what has happen ended to Ireland…he is no one of importance..shame on you Michael noonan. Take care of your own people and never mind rolling out the red carpet for Donal trump..what a disgrace..

    23/07/2015 at 2:00 am

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