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Ireland Inspires video will have you beaming with pride

St Patrick’s Day is a time when Irish people and those with Irish ancestry take pride in their heritage and celebrate together.

One video from Faile Ireland released on St Patrick’s Day in 2014 really encapsulates the pride and passion people feel about their Irish heritage.Ireland Inspires video will have you beaming with pride

It features moving images of some of the nation’s proudest achievements. There are also several facts and statistics about Ireland that flash across the screen.

The first one immediately grabs the attention as it reads: “Almost five million live here, but 70 million call it home.”

There are several more interesting snippets about Ireland and the achievements of its people.

There is a mention of those that have had to leave the island throughout history. However, these people and their children went on to achieve great things in their adoptive countries including becoming President of the United States of America.

Ireland’s culture, music, sports and history are all evident in the video. There is also a reference to the positive way the country has recovered from the economic difficulties it faced and how the people remained generous and humble throughout those financial troubles.

The video is inspirational and will move everyone who has Irish roots in their family history. It is also likely to make you want to visit Ireland, whether it would be your first time or not.

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The video has been viewed more than a million times and the comments section is full of praise and respect for Ireland. Take a look for yourself below.


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