Investigators find ‘spooky’ goings on at Ireland’s most haunted house

Michael Kehoe

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3 Responses

  1. Cornelia says:

    Do you have more great arlcetis like this one?

  2. donna says:

    i’m not your normal medium, i’m a clairvoyant, i can walk into a building or area and the dead come to me, they tell me how they died. i would love to go into this house and feel them. i have had this gift since i was 13 and it grows more and more every year. this is my dream to be able to go to Ireland, my ancestors home, take the roads less traveled and feel the energy of people of the past and feel them coming to me and telling me how they past away. some pass tramatically and some don’t even know that they have past. i would love to be there with you when you go to these places. i looked at the picture of the house, it’s definately haunted by alot of energy, good and bad

  3. margaret Brennan Nolan says:

    Love Loftus Hall. Never get tored of visiting!

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