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If Irish kids could change the world…what would they do?

There are not many people out there who have never thought how things could be different if they were in charge. How would you improve things if you could change the world?

That was the exact question put to a group of Irish children by YouTube channel YouthTuber, and the responses were both comical and unexpected, and everything in between.

If Irish kids could change the world...what would they do?

One little boy named Sam had a lovely suggestion, but struggled to get his words quite right. The video opens with him saying: “I would make everyone happier and make them stop arguen, argu, fighting all the time!”

Other ideas put forward included a “technology sun, a technology moon, a technology house” and also “chocolate rivers”.

One little girl had the right idea by saying she would make sure “everyone had a home, water and food”.

The kids would also like to see the weather changed to either full sun or full snow, and waters slides everywhere.

Of course, no schools is also requested!

YouthTuber have created several videos in the past, asking Irish children about various issues from equality, what being Irish means, the weather and the American national anthem. Their YouTube channel has developed a sizable following and this video is expected to rack up thousands of views within the next few days.

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