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Hilarious video shows Irish lads doing the ‘towel dance’

The Irish are well known for their sense of humour and those who enjoy a slightly risqué act will love these lads from Cavan.

Joe O’Donahoe & David Clarke performed a hilarious ‘towel dance’ at a charity event in Laragh, Co. Cavan.

Both appeared on stage completely naked, only holding a towel in front of them to protect their modesty.

Hilarious video - Irishmen do the ‘towel dance’ at charity event

Throughout the performance they continuously threw the towel around to change the angle they were holding it. Sometimes they got tangled up with each other and had to share one towel.

It was a good job they had practised their act thoroughly as something could have gone wrong at any time!

They were popular with the women in the audience judging by the whoops and cheers they received.

Take a look at the video below.

The dance was first seen in 2014 when another double act performed it on the TV show France’s Got Talent.

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Take a look at the French version.

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