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Is this fastest way to take shell off a hard-boiled egg?

Taking the shell off a hard-boiled egg can be a hit and miss affair.

Sometimes you’re lucky and find the shell breaks into nice large pieces that peel away quickly; other times, the shell seems to cling on for dear life and you find yourself trying to get your nails behind miniscule fragments that refuse to budge.

Shelling a hard boiled egg

Lots of people have come with all sorts of different solutions like the rolling the egg one full circle before starting to peel, or keeping it in the fridge to let it cool and moisten.

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Now a young Irishman has demonstrated a whole new approach to the problem. His name is Colm Canning and he’s from Tipperary.

His method is simple but ingenious. Just couple of taps at both end and then a quick blow. Check out the video to see how it works.

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