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Ed Byrne on why we love cats more than people

Ireland is a nation of animal lovers. Most people see their pet dog or cat as a member of the family.

Many people – including comedian Ed Byrne – even think that we are nicer to animals than we are to humans.

The Dublin born star is one of Ireland’s most successful comedians and a master of observations. He is a regular guest on TV shows in Ireland and the UK. After watching his hilarious stand-up routine on the subject, you may feel he has a point.

Ed Byrne - Irish comedian explains why we are nicer to animals than people

Byrne has a way of stating an unlikely point and carrying it through with hilarious but water-tight logic until you can’t really disagree with him.

Here he explains why he has a cat, even though he isn’t a ‘cat-person’.

The clip is taken from ‘Live at the Apollo’ which is one of the BBC’s flagship comedy series and features the best comedians from around the world.

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Take a look at the hilarious video below. (Beware it does contain moderately strong language)


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