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  1. James E .Gregg says:

    I Cannot Access Competition as my E.Mail is not been Allowed

  2. Elizabeth Schmaltz says:

    Don’t let the name Schmaltz fool you- take that part away and you’d find Lynch, Regan, Sullivan, and Burke!

  3. Pat Mills says:

    I am having a problem entering the contest!

  4. Sally McKenna says:

    I wish a prize could be a free trip to Ireland – & I would win! A nun friend of mine finally got to go. She worried the whole trip there that it wouldn’t be as great as everyone was telling her .. but when she got there, she said it was TRULY MAGICAL. I have always wanted to go, even before I married into such an Irish family!

    (her whole family is from Ireland as my husbands family are all Catholic Irish, too)

  5. Nancy Burke says:

    With a surname like Burke you know I would love these. I was in Ireland twice in the past three years. Met two wonderful families who made us welcome with dinner and pub visits. We also became good friends with one of the pub singers in Dublin. Can’t wait to come back.

  6. Nora Lourenco says:

    They all look amazing and beautiful !,Hopefully my Irish luck Will help me .Please St .Patrick help me .

  7. Susan N Walsh says:

    What lovely gifts to offer as a prize! I hope I win as I love them all. I visited Ireland two years ago and am trying to convince one of my children to accompany me for another trip … and a longer one!

  8. Kelley Galyen says:

    I would like to enter the contest, but the captcha image won’t display.

  9. Eric "Spenser" Bronson says:

    I finally visited Ireland last spring. My grandparents came from Ballyhaunis, County Mayo (Mhaigh Eo). I met a wonderful young lady in Bundoran (Teresa) and together we actually wrote and published a novel earlier this year: “Fifty-One Main Street Katie”, after the pub where she worked there.

  10. kerry rose mathias says:

    love anything irish my mom named me after co. Kerry in ireland,i have4 bro.and sisters all have irish names erin kevin hans marnie and moms name leah franis

  11. Shannon Colucci says:

    Hi, if I win the framed print…which I would love…please do my first name Shannon…as my married last name is Italian. My maiden name is Smith. Both my grandparents came from Ireland and I am very proud of my heritage. Named our daughter, Kerri…

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