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Incredible Celtic Cross tree formation only visible from the sky

An incredible image of a Celtic Cross can be seen from the sky above the forest outside Co Donegal, with the symbol being created by different species of trees planted in perfect formation.

The stunning vision is the legacy of late horticulturist Liam Emmery.

Celtic Cross tree formation

The Celtic Cross in an ancient Irish symbol that is surrounded by myth and mystery.

So it seems fitting that Liam chose the Celtic Cross as the symbol for his creation.

In recent weeks, passengers and staff on flights heading in and out of Derry Airport have reported the unusual vision, and some investigation led the formation back to Liam Emmery.

Liam died six years ago after a long period of illness, and up until now even his family knew little about his ambitious and imaginative project.

He planted the trees across an area spanning 100m long and 70m wide, and only now, thanks to the dry autumn, has the incredible creation come fully to life.

Liam’s widow Norma said: “He just loved things to be perfect and I think the Celtic Cross is perfect for him.”

A paramotor enthusiast has also paid tribute to Liam with a birdseye video of the Celtic Cross formation.

Take a look here.

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