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Clash of the Titans as boy faces down geese

An Irish youngster bravely stood his ground against an angry pair of geese recently and the video has proven to be a massive hit online.

The boy stood face to face with the angry birds and refused to be intimidated by them, in fact he gave as good as he got.

Clash of the Titans as boy faces down geese

The comical incident was recorded by the young fella’s family, as he stepped up to the geese for a closer look.

The birds began cackling and spreading their wings as a warning to the toddler but instead of backing away, he responded by raising his own voice and stamping his feet in an act of defiance.

The rivals continued their posturing for a while before the boy’s family decided to call it a stalemate and stopped the recording.

The video was published by and has already been viewed more than 10,000 times. Who knows, with bravery like this, Ireland could have another world champion fighter like Conor McGregor on its hands.

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