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Irish best man stuns newlyweds by singing specially written speech

An Irish best man shocked his newlywed friends and all the guests at their wedding by performing his speech in the form of a specially written song.

The speeches are always one of the most entertaining aspects of any wedding and this best man added an extra bit of fun and music to his to leave the audience in stitches.Irish best man stuns newlyweds by singing specially written speech

There have been plenty of best men, maids of honour and fathers of the bride amuse their wedding guests with musical speeches over the past couple of years.

Pat Duffy followed suit and delighted his friends and happy couple Joseph and Siobhan at their wedding reception in Co Mayo.

The singing best man delivered a charming musical number which featured specially written lines to embarrass the groom and wish the happy couple well.

Pat opened his song with the line: “Joseph McDonald got married today. He married a lass by the name of Siobhan.”

He went on to tell the story of their relationship with comical lines such as: “When he spotted her down at the disco one night. ‘Ah Jesus’ said he, ‘she’s a bit of alright’.”

Pat also made the happy couple blush with his cheeky lyrics: “And after a few drinks she gave him the wink, and what happened next we only can think.”

The song was brilliantly performed and contained many comical lines but also a great message of love and happiness for Joseph and Siobhan.

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