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Bagpipers fight for woman’s attention in hilarious video

Fans of the bagpipes are in for a treat with this hilarious video of two musicians vying for a young lady’s attention.

The woman is caught in the middle of two bagpipers who seem to have taken a liking to her.

The video starts of simply enough with a musician on stage with the woman. She is suitably impressed as he plays his bagpipes and all seems well as they look set to leave the stage together.

bagpipers 'duel' over a young woman

However, things get more complicated when a second musician enters from the side of the stage and performs his own bagpipe solo.

The dancer caught in the middle is equally impressed by the second piper and before long the two musicians are duelling for her attention.

It comes to the point that they have forgotten the woman is even there as they get caught up in their rivalry.

The take it in turns to play and the woman is torn between the two.

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It’s a hilarious video with some great musicianship on display, Take a look below.

One thought on “Bagpipers fight for woman’s attention in hilarious video

  1. Joseph Michael Cahill

    I loved the dueling Bagpipes and other Irish things here look interesting!

    29/06/2015 at 2:04 am

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