An Irish Take on funerals and mass – the awkward parts

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  1. Thomas J Reilly says:

    In our Neighborhood an Irish Man died. His Wake was in his Home, a beautiful Victorian home. I was a young Irish, about 20. I didn’t know what to expect. But the bier was in the front room, the Registry was in the Middle, and the Party was in the Back Kitchen where the Party was; with food and any and all drinks were offered. A real treat to an unsuspected young Man.

  2. Iris Eustace Halmos says:

    What kind of a wake is it when the corpse does not rise out of the bed or the coffin?


    Ahh, the Irish sense of humor.. It doesn’t diminish with generations removed from Irish soil.. It’s downright wicked.. Therefore I was expecting a famous Irishman to rise from the coffin and dance a jig.. I was disappointed.. Love to Irish descendents the world over..

  4. Angela says:

    Love, love, love this!! As an Irish Catholic, I can relate to these videos, except for the drinking (I rarely imbibe) ..So many people don’t realize that the Irish have a great sense of humor.. and we see clearly that life is a giant joke on us!! ..Can only laugh at it, when it gets to be too much to handle!!

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