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A View From Above captures Ireland’s beauty

The glorious beauty of Ireland has been captured from the sky by professional photographer Peter Cox.

The Cork-based expert has years of experience in recording beautiful landscapes around the world and has now used drone cameras to give a bird’s eye view of Ireland.A View From Above captures Ireland

A View From Above is a series of videos that showcase the stunning scenery of some of the world’s most beautiful places such as Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Panama and many more.

The Irish edition is full of lush green landscapes, beautiful monuments and ancient castles. The video is proving popular online with hundreds of thousands of views within just a few weeks of being posted.

The opening paragraph of the description on YouTube reads:

“In this episode we venture into the ancient, cold, wet, green and oddly cheery country of Ireland. Visit ancient monoliths, old churches, castles and modern cities. Sip traditional beers and whiskeys or get stuck in at one of Ireland’s many festivals. Ireland is shot using our top-end DJI unmanned drones mounted with GoPro cameras, giving you some of the most unique perspectives of this amazing country.”

Cox has travelled around the world throughout his career and has done an amazing job with this video of his home country. The history and heritage of Ireland are evident throughout, as well as the golden beaches, rocky coastlines and lush greenery.

The calm and beauty of the images are matched by the soundtrack as the traditional Irish song The Fianna by Cruachan is played expertly on the guitar.

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You can find out more about Peter Cox at, or to see more videos from the A View From Above series visit YouTube.


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