Achievements of great Irish scientists

Ireland has produced numerous top scientists who have made a huge contribution to our modern world.

Their work covers a broad spectrum from developing medical treatments to pioneering new technologies and revolutionising the way we work, rest and play. We want to celebrate their work by highlighting their achievements. Click on the names below for more information.Achievements of great Irish scientists. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Vincent Barry

Dr Vincent Barry

His work on chemotherapy medication for tuberculosis led him to develop a compound that became part of the treatment for leprosy. He is credited for helping to save over 15 million lives.

Francis Beaufort

Francis Beaufort

Developed the Beaufort Wind Force Scale which is still used by sailors across the world today.

Louis Brennan

Louis Brennan

Inventor of the guided missile which was used by the British military to defend their harbours.

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Harry Ferguson

Harry Ferguson

Inventor of the modern tractor, and a lover of aviation.

John Philip Holland

John Philip Holland

Inventor of the world’s first submarine which was used by the US, British and Japanese navies.

Robert Malett

Robert Mallet

A geophysicist Robert Mallet is often referred to as the father of seismology.

Annie Maunder

Annie Maunder

Pioneering astronomer. Much of her work was attributed to her husband.

Francis Rynd

Dr Francis Rynd

Inventor of the hypodermic syringe.

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