Clisare – YouTube superstar comedian

Clisare YouTube comedy star
Clisare YouTube comedy star
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Co Mayo comedian Clisare has become a household name in Ireland thanks to her series of comical YouTube videos.

Many of them poke fun at the perception some foreigners have of Irish people, and Clisare is happy to put them straight with her own unique style of comedy.

She is happy to laugh at herself and also highlight some of the strange traits Irish people can have, many of which you are bound to recognise.

Clisare YouTube comedy star

Clisare, real name Clare Cullen, has won several awards for her videos and has more YouTube subscribers than any other female comedian in Ireland.

She describes her channel as a “water melon smashing, alligator wrestling, tea drinking, sketch making, Ireland travelling, hair dyeing, oversharing, Irish speaking, Mayo supporting, anger releasing, attention seeking, shite talking, wellie throwing, insect eating, craic having Irish kind of YouTube channel. Did I mention that I’m Irish? It’s kind of my thing.”

Clisare has created an Irish Bucket List series, in which she travels around the country doing all sort of cool things and posting them online.

Her popularity has led to her working with some international brands such as MTV and Nickelodeon. She was also the first Irish person to sign with American company Collective Digital Studio.

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