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Jaws chomps on boat as passengers film it on mobile phones

A group of fishermen had their boat attacked by a huge Great White Shark, and stayed cool enough to record the incident on their mobile phones. Steve Clark was sailing off the coast of the South Jersey shore with his friends enjoying an afternoon of fishing. (more…)

Ireland is ‘best place on earth’ says Hollywood star

Hollywood actor Paul Rudd has called Ireland the ‘best place on earth’ and described how the locals played a trick on him when he wore the shirt of an Irish sporting hero in a small town in Donegal. The star of the Anchorman movies spoke about Ireland when he appeared on the David Letterman Show…

Amazing video as man stands ground against charging elephant

An ice-cool Thai tourist stood his ground as a five tonne elephant charged at him. The giant beast ran to within inches of the man, before letting out a shriek and turning away. The incredible incident was recorded by the man’s friend, and has now become a must-see video on YouTube. (more…)

Kid woos pretty girl with smooth baseball switch

A young baseball fan has become an overnight star as his smooth moves to impress a pretty girl were posted on YouTube. The young man was in the crowd watching a Major League Baseball clash between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers when he was thrown the ball by a player to keep…

Incredible video as cat saves boy from savage dog

A pet cat in California bravely saved her four-year-old owner after he was viciously attacked by a neighbour's dog. The incredible incident was recorded on the family's security cameras, and is now available as a YouTube video. Jeremy Triantafilo was riding his bicycle on the front driveway of the family home, when the dog brutally…