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Kind stranger writes heart-warming letter to anorexia sufferer

Kind stranger writes heart-warming letter to anorexia sufferer

A woman who is recovering from anorexia was handed a letter by a complete stranger on a train that contained kind words of love and support. The woman, who has asked for her name to be changed to Rose for the publication of this story, was travelling to a clinic as an outpatient for treatment.…

Inspiring nine-year-old does homework in light from McDonalds

Inspiring nine-year-old does homework in light from McDonalds

A little boy from the Philippines has inspired millions of people around the world after a picture of him doing his homework on the streets under the light of a McDonald’s store was posted on the internet. Nine-year-old Daniel Cabrera was snapped by a medical student, who posted the picture online with the caption: "I…

What a beauty! World’s first luxury yacht for women

How about this for your next girly getaway then ladies? An 80m super-yacht fitted out with extravagant interiors and lavish luxuries, and all designed for the tastes of women. Well Monaco-based designer Lidia Bersani has created exactly that - La Belle, a luxury boat designed with female interests in mind. (more…)

Lunar eclipse 8 October 2014

There will be a lunar eclipse on 8 October, 2014. A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth – this only happens when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly aligned with the Earth in the middle. It can only happen when there is a full moon. A lunar eclipse lasts…

Heart-warming video tells story of young family’s newest addition

A young family have created a heart-warming video of the mum’s pregnancy with their second child. The video took nine months to produce, but was worth the wait. It tells the story of the young mum’s pregnancy in a sequence of short video clips from the beginning to the end of her term. (more…)

YouTuber gives parents cheque to pay off mortgage

A High School drop-out who made his fortune on YouTube has given his parents the surprise of their lives, by presenting them with a cheque to pay off the mortgage on their house. Timothy DeLaGhetto (real name Tim Chantarangsu) is a rapper and comedian who has shrewdly harnessed the power of the internet over the…

Is this the coolest pensioner in the world?

If you’ve got it, you’ve got it! This fella shows people a quarter of his age how to put on a show to impress. The elderly gentleman is on the dance floor of what looks to be some sort of family function when he gets caught by the beat of the music. He throws down…

Is this how ancient Celts built Stonehenge and Irish standing stones. Drombeg Stone Circle in Cork Kerry photo Becky Hauf

Has this man discovered how Stonehenge was built?

A retired engineer has developed an incredible technique to move huge rocks without the use of any heavy machinery. Wally Wallington is capable of moving and lifting huge pieces of stone weighing more than a tonne, using nothing but his own hands and a few clever tricks. He believes these same technique must have been…

Stranded dolphins dragged back into sea by beachgoers

A school of dolphins were rescued by a group of good samaritans after they got stranded on a beach by an outgoing tide in Brazil. The people watched as the school of around 30 swam closer and closer to the shore until they became beached. A trio of lifeguards stepped forward to try and push…

Dad and baby daughter perform adorable duet

Dad and baby daughter perform adorable duet

A Dad and his daughter performed a brilliant duet of the hit song, Let it Go, from the Disney movie Frozen. The video has got more than four million YouTube views in its first week. Dad Billy is full of encouragement for his adorable three-year-old girl Blakely as she belts out the emotional song. (more…)

Once in a lifetime experience as dolphins swim with wake boarder

A woman was caught in the middle of a school of dolphins as she wake surfed in the Sea of Cortex. The dolphins began to follow the boat and playfully jumped out of the water alongside the woman. The incredible once in a lifetime experience was captured on a camcorder by one of the passengers…