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Wexford Choir celebrate historic Irish win

Wexford Choir celebrate historic Irish win

Ireland’s historic victory over New Zealand was celebrated in some style by an Irish choir belting out our national rugby song. The Wexford Festival Opera Chorus performed a rousing version of the country’s rugby anthem, with their unfortunate Kiwi member sitting in the middle just waiting for it all to end. (more…)

Older than Ireland documentary could be nominated for an Academy Award

Fascinating Irish documentary could be nominated for an Oscar

A fascinating Irish documentary could be set for Oscar glory as it is in contention to be nominated for an Academy Award in 2017. Older than Ireland is a film that looks at the lives of 30 Irish centenarians and how the country has changed during their lifetimes. (more…)

A new study says Facebook could help you live longer - but only if people also see their friends offline

Could Facebook have health benefits?

Ireland is besotted with Facebook and other social media as much as any nation on earth but is it bad for us...or could it actually have benefits? A new study from the University of California San Diego has claimed that using Facebook could help people to live longer – but only on one condition. (more…)

Father and son re-enact iconic Home Alone scene

Father and son re-enact iconic Home Alone scene

An Irish father and son have recreated one of the most iconic scenes from the classic 1990s movie Home Alone. Six-year-old Ollie and his dad Billy played out the roles of Snakes and Johnny in the famous scene used by Kevin McAllister to scare away the Wet Bandits. (more…)

White House, Co Sligo is up for sale

‘White House’ in Ireland up for sale

Donald Trump could find himself living in the White House very soon - even if he loses the US Election. Not the one in Washington DC, of course, but if he wanted to spend a small fraction of his vast wealth on a new pad then there is a White House in Ireland up for…

Michael Fassbender sings Star of County Down

Michael Fassbender sings classic Irish folk tune

A sneak preview into Michael Fassbender’s new film reveals the Kerryman has another talent hidden in his locker – singing old Irish folk tunes. Fassbender sings a short rendition of Star of County Down in his latest movie, The Light Between Oceans. (more…)

Map of Eurpoe with united Ireland. copyright Asarlaí cc4

Increase in number of Irish people in favour of united Ireland

New figures show that over two thirds of Irish people are now in favour of a united Ireland. A poll by the Sunday Business Post/Red C showed that there has been a slight rise in the number of people in favour of reuniting the Republic and the North since July when the figure was 65%.…

Nightmares that keep Irish people awake

The nightmares that keep Irish people awake at night

There is nothing worse than sitting bolt upright in the dead of night drenched in sweat after being woken from your sleep by a bad dream. But what is it that disturbs people in Ireland when they’re trying to get their good eight hours’ sleep? (more…)

Irish professor discovers new organ in human body

Irish professor discovers new organ in human body

An Irish professor has made an incredible discovery about the human body that has turned the history of anatomy on its head. Professor J Calvin Coffey has identified a new organ in the digestive system, which up until now had been believed to be a complicated, fragmented structure made up of a series of parts.…

Andrew Smyth Great British Bake Off

Andrew still delighted despite being pipped in Bake-Off final

Ireland shows pride at Andrew Smyth for reaching Baking fans across Ireland and Britain have paid tribute to the three finalists of The Great British Bake Off. The exciting series came to a close last night, with Londoner Candice being crowned the winner after narrowly beating off her rivals Jane and Andrew. (more…)

Hamilton Deane as Count Dracula

Count Dracula’s iconic look was given to him by Irish actor

Count Dracula’s signature black cloak and suave manner was first given to him by an Irish actor named Hamilton Deane. The little-known Deane has been championed as an unsung hero of the global Dracula brand, and even Bram Stoker’s great-nephew is hailing him for his interpretation of the character. (more…)

Škoda buried under €4,000 in a Dublin car park

€4,000 left in a Dublin car park – would you take any of it?

If €4,000 was just left unattended in a car park how long would you expect it to last before being ‘claimed’ by an opportunistic passer-by? A new video from Škoda has put that to the test in a Dublin car park – although their experiment does have a bit of a twist. (more…)

Britain's favourite Irish after-dinner speaker

Britain’s favourite Irish after-dinner speaker

The Irish are famous for being able to talk a bit, but these celebrities are taking full advantage of their abilities by demanding five figure sums to appear as corporate after-dinner speakers. The huge sums were revealed by British agency ‘Speakers Associates’, who represent numerous high profile personalities. (more…)

Irishman tells a wedding story on the Graham Norton show

Irishman’s wedding story has A list stars in a state of shock

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – well a recent story on Graham Norton’s chat show is evidence that a scorned man can also be extremely unforgiving. The story came as part of the ‘big red chair’ segment of Norton’s show, where members of the public sit on a chair…

Northern Ireland is a hotspot for the giant gene

Northern Ireland is ‘giant hotspot’ say geneticists

An area of Northern Ireland has been dubbed a ‘giant hotspot’ after it was discovered that a significant number of people carry a gene that can lead to gigantism. In Mid-Ulster, one in 150 people carry the AIP gene (also known as the giant gene). That is a substantially higher proportion than Belfast (one in…