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Prince Harry makes his first visit to Northern Ireland. Photo copyright Suzanne Plunkett CC2 and Kenneth Allen CC2

Prince Harry makes his first visit to Northern Ireland

Prince Harry has made his first official visit to Northern Ireland and has been speaking with youth groups and learning about local organisations. The royal is meeting with representatives of Co-Operation Ireland, an organisation that encourages interaction and collaboration between Northern Ireland and the Republic. (more…)

Saoirse Ronan is being tipped for an Oscar for her role in Lady bird

Saoirse Ronan is tipped for ‘Best Actress’ Oscar next year

Saoirse Ronan is being tipped for an Academy Award next year after receiving rave reviews for her latest film, Lady Bird. The movie, which features Ronan as high school student Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson who is desperate to leave home for the freedom of college and the outside world. (more…)

Rathmore Park for sale

Stunning €1.2m Georgian mansion for sale in Co Carlow

This stunning Georgian house is being put up for sale after the owner has made the difficult decision to leave the peace and tranquillity of the Irish countryside and head back to the big city. Rathmore Park has been the home Jackie Ruddock and her family since they moved in permanently nearly 20 years ago.…

Pharmicist warns ‘selfies spread headlice’ amongst kids

Pharmacist warns ‘selfies spread head lice’ amongst kids

The selfie phenomenon is creating an unexpected problem amongst schoolkids according to a leading pharmacist – the spread of head lice. In this age of technology there are few events that can pass by without someone, particularly youngsters, recording the moment forever with a group selfie. (more…)

Holiday homes owner has hilarious response to bad online review

Holiday homes owner has hilarious response to bad online review

The owner of an Irish holiday cottage has hit back at a negative review he received on TripAdvisor after a disgruntled visitor complained that Ireland doesn’t compare to Dubai. Patrick Mungovan is the owner of Quilty Cottages in Co Clare. The property in question features numerous luxuries including a tennis court, indoor pool and free…

RTE criticised for issuing 'Queen's English pronunciation guide'

RTÉ criticised for issuing ‘Queen’s English pronunciation guide’

RTÉ have been criticised after issuing a pronunciation guide to their on-screen employees that reportedly encourages them to lose their regional accents and speak using the Queen’s English. The guide is intended to prevent any mishaps on air, but many are claiming it is insulting and patronising to the hosts. (more…)

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