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Irish weatherman is swept away by the wind

Irish weatherman is swept away by the wind

An Irish weatherman gave viewers the perfect pick-me-up on Friday morning with a comical reaction to the wind taking hold of his umbrella. Deric O h’Artagain was reporting live from outside and chatting to the hosts in the studio. (more…)

Spider-Man star Tom Holland speaks about his Irish heritage

‘Spider-Man’ speaks about his Irish heritage and his love for Ireland

The star of the new Spider-Man movie has spoken about his Irish heritage in an interview ahead of the release of the film; ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’. Tom Holland also spoke about filming in Ireland for some of his previous movies, his favourite parts of the country and how much playing the iconic super hero means to…

Campaign to save the station featured in the movie 'The Quiet Man' reaches it's fundraising target

‘Save The Quiet Man station’ campaigners reach their target

Campaigners to save the iconic station from the movie ‘The Quiet Man’ have reached their fundraising target in the nick of time. It means that they will be able to start working to stop the station falling any further into disrepair and ultimately renovate it and turn it into a tourist attraction. (more…)

American TV star Sarah Rafferty praises hospitality of Irish people. Photo copyright Genevieve CC2

American TV star praises hospitality of Irish people

American TV star Sarah Rafferty has spoken out about the wonderful hospitality of Irish people after she was ‘showered with pints’ when she went to an Irish bar on her own. Rafferty, who plays Donna Paulsen in the hit legal drama Suits, often visits Ireland as her father holds dual citizenship. (more…)

Irish boys stuns talent show judges with angelic voice

Irish boy stuns talent show judges with angelic voice

A 12-year-old Dublin boy absolutely wowed the judges on The Voice Kids with his beautiful rendition of One Direction’s Story of My Life. Devon Browne travelled over to the UK to compete in the singing competition and his blind audition shows he has every chance of going all the way. (more…)

Couple hike up mountain to get this stunning wedding picture

Couple hike up mountain to get this stunning wedding picture

An Irish couple trekked for more than three hours up the highest mountain in Ireland to get this incredibly beautiful wedding photo from the top. Michelle O’Leary and Ruaidhri Mohally, from Co Clare, both have a passion for the outdoors and adventure so after they tied the knot they wanted a magical picture that can…

Irish legend Gabriel Byrne supports a campaign to save the Quiet Man station from falling into disrepair

Gabriel Byrne adds his support to campaign to save the Quiet Man station

Acting legend Gabriel Byrne has thrown his support behind a campaign to restore a train station that featured in an iconic Irish film. Ballyglunin station in Co Galway is also affectionately known as ‘The Quiet Man station’ after it featured in the classic movie starring Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne. (more…)

Dancing policeman delights crowd at Titanic building

Dancing policeman delights crowd in Belfast

A policeman delighted crowds outside Belfast’s Titanic building by joining in a performance of a dance group and throwing a few shapes of his own. Ajendance dance company is made up of adults and kids from Belfast and they perform at the Maritime Festival every year. (more…)

Database of thousands of ancient hill forts available online. Picture copyright Heritage Ireland

Database of thousands of ancient hill forts available online

Thousands of ancient hill forts across Ireland and Britain have been located and published in a new online database. The online atlas has been created following a study by researchers from University College Cork, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Oxford. (more…)

Customers at Dublin's Stag's Head are treated to an impromptu opera performance

Impromptu opera performance from customer at Irish pub

A man showed of his fantastic singing talent as he burst in to song while sitting outside an Irish pub. Eoghan Moore was having a drink with friends at Dublin’s famous Stag’s Head pub one night when the man at a nearby table was struck with inspiration. (more…)

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