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Ed Sheeran gives happy couple first wedding dance to remember

Ed Sheeran gives happy couple first wedding dance to remember. Photo copyright Ipswich Borough Council CC3

A happy couple were given a first dance as husband and wife to remember as music superstars Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid took to the stage to perform for them.

The wedding took place at the Beech Hill Country House Hotel and it was McDaid’s sister Brid who was making her vows along with new husband Sandy.

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‘Ginger gene’ could keep you looking young

'Ginger gene' could keep you looking young

Scientists believe the ‘ginger gene’ could be key to a study on why some people keep their youthful appearance as they get older.

Images of more than two and a half thousand faces were judged to assess how old people looked and then the DNA of those that appeared younger than they actually were was studied. All the evidence pointed to the MC1R gene – which is the gene responsible for skin pigmentation and hair colour.

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Ed Sheeran covers Wild Mountain Thyme and The Parting Glass

Ed Sheeran covers traditonal Irish songs. Photo copyright Eva Rinaldi CC2

Ed Sheeran has paid tribute to his Irish roots by performing covers of two traditional Irish songs.

Sheeran has previously revealed that he has Irish heritage, with his paternal grandparents originating from Co Wexford.

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Exhibition of redheads at Cork Airport

Exhibition of redheads at Cork Airport. Image copyright Ireland Calling

An exhibition celebrating red-haired people from around the world will be unveiled at Cork Airport next month.

The attraction will feature hundreds of pictures taken by local photographer Jorg Koster.


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Couples can test DNA to see if they could have ginger children

Ginger hair DNA test

Couples can have a simple DNA test to find out if they are ‘carriers’ of the ‘ginger gene’ and could have redhaired children.

The ginger gene is present in around 40% of people in Ireland, although only 10% actually have red hair. Therefore it is possible for babies to grow up with ginger hair even if neither of his or her parents have red hair.

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