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'Ginger gene' could keep you looking young

‘Ginger gene’ could keep you looking young

Scientists believe the ‘ginger gene’ could be key to a study on why some people keep their youthful appearance as they get older. Images of more than two and a half thousand faces were judged to assess how old people looked and then the DNA of those that appeared younger than they actually were was…

Exhibition of redheads at Cork Airport

An exhibition celebrating red-haired people from around the world will be unveiled at Cork Airport next month. The attraction will feature hundreds of pictures taken by local photographer Jorg Koster. (more…)

Ginger hair DNA test

Couples can test DNA to see if they could have ginger children

Couples can have a simple DNA test to find out if they are ‘carriers’ of the ‘ginger gene’ and could have redhaired children. The ginger gene is present in around 40% of people in Ireland, although only 10% actually have red hair. Therefore it is possible for babies to grow up with ginger hair even…

MCR1 – magazine for redheads a big hit around the world

A magazine aimed at people with red hair has proved hugely popular as flame-haired consumers around the world have subscribed to keep up-to-date with all things ginger. MC1R is the name of the publication, which is produced in Germany, but is distributed all over the world. (more…)

Red heads more likely to become the CEO

Red heads more likely to be successful

Red heads are more likely to become the CEO of their company because their flamed hair makes them more recognisable and memorable to their bosses, according to a recent study. The news will be of some comfort to many ginger haired people who may have suffered bullying or discrimination in their lives. (more…)

Ginger people read out the cruellest of ginger jokes

Ginger people read out the cruellest of ginger jokes

The team at Irish YouTube channel FACTS have come up with a slightly unsettling video in which they get red headed people to read out some of the cruellest ginger jokes we have ever heard. Some of the jokes are totally heartless as they attack the poor gingers, and be warned some of them do…

Researchers explain why so many men have ginger beards even though they don’t have red hair. Photo copyright Gage Skidmore cc3

Why do many dark or fair haired men have ginger beards?

Researchers in Holland believe they may have worked out why it is that so many men grow ginger or red beards even though they don’t have red hair. It is to do with a mutated gene as well as the fact that the genes that determine a man’s beard colour are not necessarily passed on…

Hilarious song by Tim Minchin fights back for gingers everywhere

Hilarious song by Tim Minchin fights back for gingers everywhere

People with red hair have sometimes been the victims of cruel teasing and bullying about their hair colour, especially in school. Flame-haired Australian comedian Tim Minchin finally decided enough was enough, and wrote a brilliant song to fight back for gingers everywhere. The song, named Prejudice, is a hilarious warning to all non-gingers out there,…

Does the red-head gene come from the Celts or the Vikings?

Vikings or Celts – who is responsible for the red hair gene?

Why does Ireland have such a high percentage of red haired people compared to the rest of the Western world? It is a question that has intrigued historians and scientists for many years. The fact that Ireland, along with Scotland and Wales are the only three countries in Europe in which over 10% of the…

Psychology student reveals the true damage of red hair bullying. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling

Psychology student reveals the true damage of “red hair bullying”

A student will make a speech at this weekend’s Irish Redhead Convention about the potential psychological damage that can be caused by the bullying of ginger haired people. Kevin O’Regan, a redhead himself, is studying psychology at Cork University. He decided to carry out the survey of 1,742 people from 20 different countries after he…

Prince Harry. Photo Copyright - Glyn Lowe CC2

Prince Harry invited to Irish Red Head Convention

Prince Harry has been invited to attend the Irish Red Head Convention in Cork this weekend. The British royal, fourth in line to the throne, is one of the world’s most famous gingers. He was recently voted the sexiest red headed man in the world by the British Heart Foundation. Now, the organisers of the…

Are redheads going to fall victim to climate change?

Are redheads to be victims of climate change?

For a long time we have known that Global Warming is going to have a profound effect on much of the life on the planet today. As climate change continues to melt the ice caps we have seen images of lonely polar bears sat on tiny platforms of ice, while other species have also lost…

Annual redhead convention in Co Cork

Annual redhead convention heading to Cork

Crosshaven, Co Cork is bracing itself for the annual redhead convention that is set to take place from 19-21 August. When the convention began in 2010, it was intended as a tongue in cheek convention to raise a bit of a laugh. However, due to the success of the event and subsequent annual conventions, the…

Jasmine Brady bullied for red hair

Irish actress bullied for being ginger

Irish actress Jasmine Brady has revealed that she used to be bullied at school because she has natural ginger hair. The teenage star plays a bully in the soap Fair City and says that her own experience of being bullied as a youngster helped her to develop her character. (more…)

Helena Farrell

Irish girl commits suicide over ‘red hair’ bullying

An Irish family are mourning the death of their teenage daughter who took her own life after being bullied because she had red hair. Tragic Helena Farrell was born in Galway but moved to Cumbria in the north of England when she was a toddler. She was found dead in the woods near her home…

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