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The songs most frequently banned from wedding parties

The most frequently banned wedding party songs

The first dance at a wedding is always a special moment as the happy couple look longingly to each other’s eyes before the DJ gets the party started. However, many DJs are given a long list of songs they are banned from playing at the wedding party. (more…)

Irish dancer delights crowds in Galway

Irish dancer delights crowds in Galway

An Irish dancer delighted passersby in Galway as she took centre stage in the middle of the town and performed an impressive routine to music. Little is known about the talented performer, other than she definitely has some rhythm and can tap and step with the best of them. (more…)

Fusion Fighters stun Irish Dance World Championships

Fusion Fighters stun Irish Dance World Championships

Leading Irish dance group Fusion Fighters put on a stunning display at the World Irish Dance Championship that left the audience in raptures. Fusion Fighters have long been one of the best Irish dance groups around. They have won fans all across the globe with their imaginative and energetic routines, which often merge traditional Irish…

Girl Power Irish dancing style with the stunning Slide Step

Girl Power Irish dancing style with the stunning Slide Step

Ireland Calling has featured some stunning Irish dance videos showcasing the talents of our greatest performers. Many of them, including the brilliant ‘car park’ routine by Slide Step, featured men in the main role. Now the group have decided the lads have hogged the spotlight for too long and have produced a new routine where…

Michael Flatley. Photo copyright Beaumain CC2

Michael Flatley to open his first Irish dance academy

Over the last two decades, Michael Flatley has become a legend of Irish dancing. Now he is opening an academy so he can pass on his knowledge to the next generation. The Chicago born star retired earlier this year after spending over 20 years travelling the world performing huge productions such as Riverdance and Lord…

Prodijig - Irish dancing at its best

ProdiJIG – Irish dancing at its best

Leading Irish dance group ProdiJIG are back with another stunning video showcasing their talent. The video sees dozens of Irish dancers hot foot their way around an abandoned industrial ground at Cork port, all moving in perfect unison. (more…)

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