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Leading performer celebrates Irish dance in its simplest form

Leading performer celebrates Irish dance in its most simple form

One of the world’s leading Irish dancers has produced a video to strip Irish dance right down to its core and display the beauty of its simplicity.

To celebrate Irish dance in its rawest form, Kev Prendergast danced on his own with just a single panel of wood as his stage.

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Gardiner brothers thrill audiences with Irish dance to Michael Jackson song

Gardiner brothers Irish dance to Smooth Criminal

World champion Irish dancing brothers Matthew and Michael Gardiner stunned audiences with their exciting routine to a classic Michael Jackson song.

The pair performed the iconic Smooth Criminal dance moves first performed by the King of Pop in the 1980s.

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Champion Irish dance brothers give Michael Jackson song a celtic twist

Champion Irish dance brothers give Michael Jackson song a celtic twist

Champion Irish dancing brothers Michael and Matthew Gardiner wowed fans at the Fusion Dance Fest with their celtic twist on a classic Michael Jackson routine.

The brothers dressed up in Jackson’s signature hat, and performed his iconic moves to the 1980s smash hit Beat It.

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Argentine dancers perform Irish dance ahead of music festival

Argentine Irish dancers performing at Ennis Street Arts Festival

A group of Irish dancers from Argentina travelled to Ireland and performed at the Ennis Street Arts Festival.

The group are called Celtic Argentina and performed the dance to music from a band called Los Paddys De Las Pampas.

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Groom and friends put on great Irish dance performance at wedding reception

Groom Irish dances at his wedding reception

An Irish groom had a surprise in store for his wedding guests as he and seven friends relived their Irish dancing glory days at the reception.

Carlus McWilliams of Derry, decided to get the old gang back together for one last dance – and what better occasion than his wedding to bride Maria.


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