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Planting for birds

Planting for birds

No doubt bird feeders and baths will be filled by many of us in the run-up to the annual Big Garden Birdwatch, the world's largest garden wildlife survey, which this year takes place from January 28-30. Yet there are other ways to attract birds to your garden in the long term if you plant species…

Boost your child's learning

Boost your child’s learning, the PTA way

Dropping children off at the school gates is as much contact as some parents get with their child's education. But parental participation in education has a direct impact on how well children do at school, whether that be primary or secondary. And that's why PTA UK, the charity which supports parent teacher associations (PTA) nationwide,…

Milk diet

Milking it – cutting out fats doesn’t mean no dairy

Full-fat milk and cheese aren't the foods you'd normally associate with weight loss - but they might not be as bad for your figure, or health, as you think. For while they do contain saturated fat, dairy experts suggest that fats from milk may not be quite the dietary demons other saturated fats are thought…

5 tips for dealing with damp

5 tips for dealing with damp

1. Penetrating damp happens when there's a problem with the fabric of the building. While the damp usually moves horizontally from the outside in, it can appear on ceilings (see below) as well as walls. Defective or missing flashing on the roof, defective or blocked guttering, defective pointing and brickwork, and cracked or missing render…

Fiona Bruce

Roadshow’s most priceless collection yet

On Sunday, BBC One aired a Holocaust Memorial edition of Antiques Roadshow - and host Fiona Bruce insists it was anything but dispiriting. "People may have thought, 'Do I want to watch something about Holocaust survivors, wouldn't that be depressing?' But actually, it's so far from depressing," says the 52-year-old, who took up the Roadshow…

Get smart about healthy eating with your kids

Get smart about healthy eating with your kids

Most parents want their children to eat healthily but many, it seems, aren't quite sure what that means. So although 84% of parents think their child's breakfast, for example, is healthy, the reality is that children consume at least half the recommended daily sugar intake at breakfast, when many eat and drink foodstuffs containing a…

Fitness relationships

Ready to find fitness love?

Think the key to attraction and a successful relationship is all mystical je ne sais quoi? According to the experts, there's actually a lot of science to it - which could be applied to other areas of your life, including your fitness regime. Fitness First has teamed up with evolutionary anthropologist and relationship scientist Anna…

Tom Daley

GB Olympic diver Tom Daley’s cookbook

When you picture Tom Daley, he's probably in pair of Speedos or a Team GB tracksuit - not an apron. But the Olympic diver is showing off his culinary skills in a new healthy eating cookbook, Tom's Daily Plan. "One of the things people don't necessarily know about me is I enjoy cooking. I've always…

Donal Skehan

Fresh thinking from Irish chef Donal Shehan

A decade ago, young Donal Skehan was plying his trade as a pop star, showcasing his dance moves and - "the most mortifying aspect of it" - wearing matching white training outfits to the gym with his Streetwize bandmates. "I can hold a note, but I look at Take That and think, 'I was probably…

2017 fitness forecast - the trends

2017 fitness forecast – the trends

Souped up swims Swimming never goes out of fashion, and endures as one of the most popular forms of exercise in terms of participation levels. Our obsession with tech and performance monitoring has already started making a bit of a splash; don't be surprised if you spot more and more people at the pool checking…

6 resolutions for a healthier 2017

6 resolutions for a healthier 2017

Talk about your worries We will all face challenges and low periods (no matter how glittering things look on social media). Rates of anxiety and depression have risen, some 70 million work days a year are lost due to mental illness (including stress) according to the Mental Health Foundation, and suicide remains the biggest cause…

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis: ‘The outside world was hostile’

He's been a regular on the American talk show circuit for years now, fielding questions on subjects like the global financial crisis, how low-budget sports teams achieve success and, more recently, the psychology behind the Trump presidential victory. Michael Lewis, 56, whose books have been made into movies including The Big Short, Moneyball and The…

Vickie De Beer

‘Diabetes soon becomes your new normal’

Vickie De Beer knew something was wrong when her normally energetic eight-year-old son Lucca began to struggle to wake in the mornings, and came back from an annual camping trip with his dad Joe and two brothers looking unusually exhausted. Although her husband and three sons often returned pleasantly tired from a few days in…

Tired legs

Need a leg-up? Tired legs

It's a nice idea: putting your feet up and bunkering down for some winter hibernation. In reality though, our bodies can be put through their paces during the festive rush, with all the to-ing and fro-ing and extra shopping to be done (and you'll want to save some energy for the dance floor at your…

Marcus Wareing

‘Cooking with kids can be hell’

Marcus Wareing is a serious chef. Whether you've watched him on MasterChef, Great British Menu, or in one of his three restaurants, it's a word you'd definitely use to describe him. And he wouldn't disagree. (more…)

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams – from Angel to Icon

Robbie Williams might be a lot of things, but never let it be said he's not a great conversationalist. Publicly, the former Take That star - who will soon become the third recipient of the BRIT Icon award - is a record-breaking solo artist, among Britain's biggest-ever exports, singer, songwriter and, as he is at…


We could all be lifesavers – defibrillators

Do you know what AED stands for? It means 'automated external defibrillator', and if you still think you're not familiar, just picture an episode of Casualty or Holby City, where they use those hand-held gizmos to deliver an electric shock to somebody's chest and zap their heart back into action. (more…)