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Adidas Men's Running Ultra Boost Shoes

Top picks for fitness lovers

Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak Soothing those tired muscles doesn't have to be a clinical affair. Encourage some luxurious post-workout pampering with this gorgeous magnesium-rich mineral bath soak. (more…)

Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror

Six of the best: light up gadgets

Mirror, mirror - Simplehuman Mini Sensor Mirror Unless your home is flooded by natural daylight or benefits from plenty of electrical help, putting on make-up, plucking or shaving on dark mornings can easily mean nicks and clown-like rosy cheeks. This is where a light-up mirror comes into its own. Fitted with a sensor, this pack-down…

Garden photography

Capture autumn on camera

Autumn is a glorious season offering plenty of opportunities for garden photography enthusiasts to capture bold-coloured trees, shrubs and fallen leaves. To celebrate the beauty of the outdoors, the RHS is urging budding photographers to brave the cold, venture outside and be inspired by nature to capture beautiful gardens. (more…)

Gennaro Contaldo

‘I’ll always consider Jamie my boy’

"I post pictures every day - lots of people want to know where you are and what you're doing," reasons Gennaro Contaldo, pouring his morning coffee with one hand and scrolling through his busy Twitter feed with the other. "I find pleasure when I look on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook; in a way I'm…

Alan Carr

Alan Carr on his relationship and alcohol

Alan Carr greets me in typical effervescent form, eager to regale his woes via amusing anecdotes and trademark self-deprecating wit. After a mammoth tour of Australia, he and his partner - party planner Paul Drayton - have just returned from a holiday in Bali and Lombok, and Carr is sporting the engagement ring Drayton gave…

iron deficiencies

In the blood – iron deficiencies

While constant, crippling tiredness can sometimes be a sign of illness, in women, it could mean something far simpler - iron deficiency. It's estimated around one in 10 women suffer from iron deficiency, yet many have no idea, even though their iron levels might be so low that their body's producing less red blood cells,…

Ready, steady, cook! Parents and kids

Ready, steady, cook! Parents and kids

Unless you're happy for your children to survive on takeaways or beans on toast after they leave home, you need to make sure they know how to cook. But while new research shows more than 80% of parents think cooking with their kids is important and teaches them a valuable life skill, only 32% of…

Ben Hooper

‘I’m not too worried about sharks!’

At five years old, Ben Hooper almost drowned in a swimming pool. "It was play time at the end of a lesson, and I got out of my depth," he recalls. "It was surreal, really. I found myself on the bottom of the pool, listening to what was happening above. The last thing I saw…

Harry Hill

Harry Hill: ‘TV’s turned me into a weirdo!’

It's a few days before the shock Great British Bake Off shake-up, and Harry Hill is discussing an altogether different cookery programme - but one that also involves Paul Hollywood. "The first time I met Paul Hollywood, he was dressed as a silver fox," says the 52-year-old comedian, erupting into a laugh. (more…)

Tony Robinson No Cunning Plan

Tony Robinson talks about autobiography – No Cunning Plan

Blackadder's Tony Robinson recently decided that, as he's now in the "autumn" of his life, it was about time he took a look back on it. He turned 70 in August and, although he isn't "freaked out" by the number, says sagely: "It's what I'm able to do or not do that's the big issue,…

Go batty in the garden

Go batty in the garden

They may conjure up images of ghostly goings-on around Halloween time, but bats should be welcomed into our gardens. So says RHS senior horticultural adviser Helen Bostock anyway, who is urging people to make their gardens a haven for these bird-like mammals, as Wild About Gardens Week approaches. This year, the week is focusing on…

GoPro Hero5

Six of the best: wildlife watching gadgets

GoPro Hero5 Black The latest GoPro claims to be the best yet, capable of shooting 4K video and delivering much clearer audio. Film on safari, at the zoo, or leave it rolling in the back garden. Waterproof, it can also be used to shoot colourful marine wildlife... or survive a few hours in the rain.…

Bring work home with you

Bring work home with you

Work and home are very separate spheres for many parents who struggle to balance the two. But there can be a successful overlap, promises entrepeneur and parenting coach Nadim Saad. (more…)

13 things you may not realise could be 'symptoms'

13 things you may not realise could be ‘symptoms’

We may be increasingly turning to 'Dr Google' these days - but that doesn't mean we should automatically try and avoid seeing a doctor for a check-up. The old mantra 'better safe than sorry' really applies, and they are the experts after all. Remember, getting symptoms checked is not just a case of getting a…

Hairy Bikers Chicken and Egg

Hairy Bikers – Chicken & Egg

"Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud, come back across the road, and then cross the road again and roll in the mud again?" asks one half of The Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers, eyes glinting. "Cos he was a dirty double crosser!" (more…)

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath…

Bringing up children can be emotionally-charged, with parents sometimes losing their temper or simply feeling overwhelmed. The ideal reaction to family flashpoints would be to take a step back and calm yourself, before acting in a positive manner. And though that may sound unrealistic, believe it or not, it's possible - through mindfulness. (more…)

Tulip tips

Tulip tips

Of all the bulbs, tulips are probably the most varied in size and colour, ranging from dainty dwarf specimens to frilly, feathery forms and stand-up-straight majestic types. They don't need planting as early as narcissi or snowdrops. In fact, tulips shouldn't be planted before the end of October, as early planting will result in soft…

Walk the walk

Walk the walk – hero of low impact exercise

The modern world may have us convinced that speed and instantaneousness are everything, but it's when we slow down that we usually find the greatest rewards. And walking, with its long list of boons - whether it's simply an active and cheap way to get from A to B, being immersed in nature and the…