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Review of the Netflix series 'The Keepers' which looks into the murder of Sister Cathy

Who Killed Sister Cathy: “The Keepers” Is Compelling TV Drama

The murder of Sister Cathy shocked America. There were allegations that it was linked to child abuse by priests and may have been covered up by the Catholic Church. Now Netflix has produced a documentary to try to find out exactly what happened. Author Bill Hughes looks at the story and the documentary it inspired.…

Documentary of priest who fled to Ireland after being accused of nun murder

Did priest flee to Ireland after nun murder? Netflix documentary

The murder of a young nun is being investigated in a new documentary and the finger of blame is pointed squarely at a priest who later fled to Ireland. Sister Cathy Cesnik is the subject of the Netflix documentary ‘The Keepers’. She went missing in Baltimore in 1969, when she was aged just 26. (more…)

Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical

Meatloaf talks about Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical

Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical has been a long time coming. Ask Meat Loaf when he first heard about the idea, and he replies: "About 48 years ago. It's been Jimmy's dream since I first met him." Jimmy, of course, is Jim Steinman, Meat's long-time friend, and writer of the songs that made…

Gardening courses

School for green fingers – gardening courses

Not sure how to prune properly? Want a beginner's guide to vegetable growing? Fancy a new career as a garden designer? Whatever your horticultural bent, there is a course out there for you, from one-day taster courses to degrees and recognised horticultural qualifications. But where do you start? (more…)

Adult vaccinations

Know your jabs? Adult vaccinations

Infectious diseases, including flu and pneumonia, remain a big killer in older age-groups, in spite of modern antibiotics. Even if a disease isn't normally fatal, like shingles, it can still cause significant pain for as long as a year. (more…)

Annette Bening

Annette Bening on her relationship with her kids and her parents

In 20th Century Women, Annette Bening plays Dorothea, a single mum in Seventies Santa Barbara. It's a time of cultural revolution and rebellion, and Dorothea's doing her best to embrace the change that's happening - both in the wider world and at home, as her teenage son grows up. (more…)

Emma Hatcher FODMAP diet

FODMAP diet – ‘It’s been a life-changer’

The term 'low FODMAP diet' may leave you scratching your head - but not for much longer, if Emma Hatcher has anything to do with it. FODMAPs - fermentable, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols - are types of short-chain carbohydrates that can be tricky to digest, and they can wreak havoc for some people with…

Secret lives of Protestants in Ireland

The secret lives of Irish Protestants throughout history

A project being carried out at the University College Dublin is looking into the experiences of people who grew up as Protestants in Ireland. Dr Deirdre Nuttall is carrying out the major folklore and oral history for the National Folklore Collection in UCD. (more…)

More Bold moves from Julian Clary

More Bold moves from Julian Clary

Having just returned from a late honeymoon in the Maldives, after completing a gruelling schedule which included stand-up tours in the UK and Australia, a West End panto and his own wedding, Julian Clary is hoping for a quieter year. "When you're really tired and can barely speak to each other, the Maldives is the…

Avoid the embarrassing parent trap

Avoid the ’embarrassing parent’ trap

Parents embarrassing their kids is as much a part of parenting as changing nappies or telling them off. But while the fact that mums and dads embarrass their children - and quite possibly enjoy it - hasn't changed, it seems they're doing it in a much more modern way. (more…)

Newly found love letters from Jackie Kennedy reveal why she married Onassis. Photo copyright Nationaal Archief CC3

Newly found love letters from Jackie Kennedy reveal why she married Onassis

Newly released letters from Jackie Kennedy to a British diplomat and potential lover reveal why she decided to marry Greek shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis, much to the surprise of her friends at the time. David Ormsby Gore, better known by his title of Lord Harlech, was the British ambassador to Washington during President Kennedy’s administration.…

Catch the cuddle bug - hugging health benefits

Catch the cuddle bug – hugging health benefits

The average person would like six hugs a day, apparently - though most have to settle for two - and who could blame them? We all love a good hug (the more squeezy and bear-like the better), and while chances are we all have at least one or two friends or relatives who are a…

Beautiful buys to make your Valentine's Day

Beautiful buys to make your Valentine’s Day

With less than a week to go until the most romantic day of the year, if you haven't already picked out a present for your special someone you'd better get your skates on... Help is at hand, however, as the beauty departments have been flooded with perfectly-timed perfume launches and neatly packaged sets ready to…

Feel fab at 50 and beyond

Feel fab at 50 and beyond

More than half a million women in Ireland and the UK will turn 50 this year - including TV favourite-turned-fitness-fanatic Davina McCall, plus Kate Garraway and Ulrika Jonsson. But far from feeling past their heyday, 82% of women are winding up, not down, as they approach this landmark birthday, according to a new survey by…

Golden rules for healthy kids

Peacock’s golden rules for healthy kids

Families are constantly bombarded with messages about the importance of healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle, so it's not surprising that most young people know what they should be doing to stay healthy. However, research suggests that knowing what food is good for them and how much exercise to take doesn't necessarily mean young…

Vegan Nick Knowles - more carrot, less steak

Vegan Nick Knowles – more carrot, less steak

Nick Knowles is aware he's not what many would picture when the word 'vegan' comes to mind. "You tend to think that most vegans are petite, small, slim people, and I'm not," states the 54-year-old TV presenter, best known for his 18 years fronting BBC One home-improvement stalwart DIY SOS. "I'm a 46-inch chest, 6ft…

Trainspotting 2

Trainspotting II – ‘It makes you yearn for your youth’

Trainspotting dealt with drugs and youth culture and caused huge controversy on its release in 1996. But it went on to become a cultural phenomenon, and now, 21 years later, the gang - Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud - are finally back on the big screen. T2 Trainspotting is an adaptation of Irvine Welsh's…

The Genealogy Event - Fri 1 Sept & Sat 2 Sept

THE GENEALOGY EVENT: Irish Genealogy & DNA Conference in Adare, Ireland

People looking to find out more about their family history should head to Limerick in September, where a two-day genealogy conference will be taking place. The Genealogy Event, sponsored by Roots Ireland, will take place Friday 1 September and Saturday 2 September at Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel & Spa in Adare. Situated within a few…

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