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‘Diabetes soon becomes your new normal’

Vickie De Beer

Vickie De Beer knew something was wrong when her normally energetic eight-year-old son Lucca began to struggle to wake in the mornings, and came back from an annual camping trip with his dad Joe and two brothers looking unusually exhausted.

Although her husband and three sons often returned pleasantly tired from a few days in the wilderness, this was different. Lucca was wiped out, his breath was “sickly sweet” and he’d been asking for far more cold drinks than usual.

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Need a leg-up? Tired legs

Tired legs

It’s a nice idea: putting your feet up and bunkering down for some winter hibernation.

In reality though, our bodies can be put through their paces during the festive rush, with all the to-ing and fro-ing and extra shopping to be done (and you’ll want to save some energy for the dance floor at your work Christmas bash).

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‘Cooking with kids can be hell’

Marcus Wareing

Marcus Wareing is a serious chef.

Whether you’ve watched him on MasterChef, Great British Menu, or in one of his three restaurants, it’s a word you’d definitely use to describe him. And he wouldn’t disagree.

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Robbie Williams – from Angel to Icon

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams might be a lot of things, but never let it be said he’s not a great conversationalist.

Publicly, the former Take That star – who will soon become the third recipient of the BRIT Icon award – is a record-breaking solo artist, among Britain’s biggest-ever exports, singer, songwriter and, as he is at great pains to emphasise, an entertainer.

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We could all be lifesavers – defibrillators


Do you know what AED stands for?

It means ‘automated external defibrillator’, and if you still think you’re not familiar, just picture an episode of Casualty or Holby City, where they use those hand-held gizmos to deliver an electric shock to somebody’s chest and zap their heart back into action.

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