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Irish legend Gabriel Byrne supports a campaign to save the Quiet Man station from falling into disrepair

Gabriel Byrne adds his support to campaign to save the Quiet Man station

Acting legend Gabriel Byrne has thrown his support behind a campaign to restore a train station that featured in an iconic Irish film. Ballyglunin station in Co Galway is also affectionately known as ‘The Quiet Man station’ after it featured in the classic movie starring Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne. (more…)

Customers at Dublin's Stag's Head are treated to an impromptu opera performance

Impromptu opera performance from customer at Irish pub

A man showed of his fantastic singing talent as he burst in to song while sitting outside an Irish pub. Eoghan Moore was having a drink with friends at Dublin’s famous Stag’s Head pub one night when the man at a nearby table was struck with inspiration. (more…)

Coast guards near Dublin saved a golden retriever who had got stuck halfway down a cliff

Coastguards rescue dog from Dublin cliff

A team of rescue workers went to great lengths to save a dog who had become trapped half way down a cliff. A video was taken at Red Rock in Sutton, where the dog had become stranded 15ft down the cliff. (more…)

Learn Cork's midsummer maypole dance with ProdiJIG

Learn the moves for Ireland’s biggest maypole dance

This summer Cork is hosting its annual Midsummer festival – and organisers will be staging Ireland’s biggest Maypole dance. It is a tradition for the maypole dance to take place at the festival as it is an important summer ritual. (more…)

Three-year-old dancer steals the show

Three-year-old dancer steals the show

A video of a three-year-old Irish dancer has got people talking all over the world, not just for her dancing skills but also her confidence and stage presence. The young dancer was appearing at her first ever Feis and took to the attention like a duck to water. (more…)

Toddler want's his father to put down his phone and pay some attention to him

Kiss my… Toddler plays hilarious prank on dad

A video of a toddler playing with his father has been getting plenty of attention on Facebook – and it will make your day. The father is trying to concentrate on his mobile phone but his son wants a bit of attention. (more…)

Research from the World Health Organisation shows that the Irish are among the least heavy drinkers in Europe

Irish ‘heavy drinkers’ stereotype is not too accurate

The Irish have a reputation around the world for being big drinkers – but a recent survey suggests that this might be a little unfair. While it is true to say that the Irish love the craic, many are a little annoyed by the idea that they often drink to excess. (more…)

Talented 12-year-old Allie Sherlock has revealed why she turned down a chance to appear on the Ellen Show

Talented Irish girl explains why she turned down the Ellen Show

A hugely talented 12-year-old busker has explained why she decided to turn down an opportunity to appear in the Ellen Show in the USA. Cork girl Allie Sherlock became an internet star after a video her performing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Supermarket Flowers’ on Dublin’s busy Grafton Street was viewed over one million times on social media.…

Ryanair employee reduced to tears by angry passenger

Ryanair employee reduced to tears by angry passenger

A woman who works for Irish airline Ryainair was reduced to tears by an irate passenger who spent several minutes criticising her as he filmed her on his mobile phone. The incident took place at a check in desk at Brussels Airport. (more…)

Review of the Netflix series 'The Keepers' which looks into the murder of Sister Cathy

Who Killed Sister Cathy: “The Keepers” Is Compelling TV Drama

The murder of Sister Cathy shocked America. There were allegations that it was linked to child abuse by priests and may have been covered up by the Catholic Church. Now Netflix has produced a documentary to try to find out exactly what happened. Author Bill Hughes looks at the story and the documentary it inspired.…

Irish priest Fr Paddy O'Kane says that a child's First Communion has been commercialised - photo by trevor mcbride

Irish priest slams commercialisation of Holy Communion

An Irish priest has launched a scathing attack on the commercialisation of a child’s first holy communion. Fr Paddy O’Kane believes that over the years parents have allowed one of Christianity’s major rites of passage to become ‘an orgy of materialism with miniature brides’. (more…)

Allie Sherlock performs on Grafton Street, Dublin

Incredible voice of 11-year-old Irish girl

An 11-year-old Irish girl has taken the internet by storm after a video of her busking in Dublin has gone viral. Cork girl Allie Sherlock is well known in her home city thanks to her talent and decided to head to one of the busiest areas of Dublin – Grafton Street – to show what…

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