Author: Michael Kehoe

Nobody can understand this Co Kerry farmer's accent

Can anybody understand this Kerry farmer’s super strong accent?

People all over Ireland and beyond are straining their ears to try to understand what an Irish farmer said during a recent news bulletin. Mikey Joe O’Shea’s accent was so strong that people have no idea what he was he was saying – we think the gist of the conversation was about stolen sheep. (more…)

Romantic Irishman proposes to his American yoga instructor girlfriend on the beach

Romantic Irishman’s proposal video goes viral

A romantic Irishman has won over women everywhere – and one special lady in particular – after a video of his elaborate proposal went viral. Shane McInerney pulled out all the stops as he popped the question to his American girlfriend Julia Gordon over the weekend. (more…)

Irish house buyers

Latest average house prices for every county in Ireland

House prices jumped dramatically in Ireland between December and March but the picture varies widely across the country…with some areas booming and others still ambling along. The highest rises were in Co Dublin where prices rose by 5.6% over the three- month period, taking the cost of the average three bedroom semi above €400,000. In…

Martin McGuinness and Iain Paisley as seen in the movie The Journey

Trailer for fascinating film about Martin McGuinness and Iain Paisley

The trailer for a new Irish film about Martin McGuinness and Iain Paisley has been released – and it looks like being a fascinating movie. The film, called ‘The Journey’, will be released in the summer and will follow the stories of two of the most significant figures in recent Northern Irish history. (more…)

How being Irish helped a tech supremo in 1980s Mexico

How being Irish helped a tech supremo in 1980s Mexico

An Irish millionaire has spoken about how being Irish has helped him to grow his business out in Mexico. Bobby Healy is the founder of the tech company, CarTrawler. CarTrawler is used all over the world to connect customers to car rentals, rail connections, online travel agents, hotels and even airlines. (more…)

Scientists at Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI) are set to map the genomes of 45,000 people across Ireland

Ireland to lead the way in search for new cancer treatments

Scientists are hoping that the Irish may hold the genetic secrets that could unlock the puzzles of some of the world’s most complex diseases. They hope that their work will help to discover some unknown causes for huge killers such as cancer – which could then lead to new treatments. (more…)