Author: Michael Kehoe

Moya Connelly, 94, is the Irish 'Grandmother of the Year'

Meet the Irish ‘Grandmother of the Year’

An Irish grandmother has shown her grandkids where they get their brains from by becoming the oldest person to pass the Junior Cert exams. She has also been named ‘Grandmother of the Year’ by Specsavers thanks to her ‘lust for life’. (more…)

Ryanair Boeing 747 - flights could be free within five to ten years says Michael O'Leary

Could Ryanair soon be offering free flights?

Irish budget airline Ryanair has said that it hopes to be able to offer customers free air travel within the next five to ten years. Ryanair’s outspoken CEO Michael O’Leary said that he envisioned the company’s revenue coming from its share in the airport retail revenue and hoped that the only cost for passengers would…

Study reveals the worst possible date to get married

What is the worst day of the year to get married?

A new survey has revealed the worst possible day to get married. The study, was conducted by economists at the University of Melbourne. It was entitled ‘Not Your Lucky Day: Romantically and Numerically Special Wedding Date Divorce Risks’. (more…)

Ryanair flight has to be diverted following a fight between passengers

Violence erupts mid-air on Ryanair flight

An ugly scene erupted during a Ryanair flight from Brussels to Malta and resulted in the plane having to be diverted to Pisa. Two men started causing trouble as the plane was in mid-flight. There was a lot of shouting and raised voices as a man standing in the aisle seemed to be in in…

Older than Ireland documentary could be nominated for an Academy Award

Fascinating Irish documentary could be nominated for an Oscar

A fascinating Irish documentary could be set for Oscar glory as it is in contention to be nominated for an Academy Award in 2017. Older than Ireland is a film that looks at the lives of 30 Irish centenarians and how the country has changed during their lifetimes. (more…)

A new study says Facebook could help you live longer - but only if people also see their friends offline

Could Facebook have health benefits?

Ireland is besotted with Facebook and other social media as much as any nation on earth but is it bad for us...or could it actually have benefits? A new study from the University of California San Diego has claimed that using Facebook could help people to live longer – but only on one condition. (more…)

White House, Co Sligo is up for sale

‘White House’ in Ireland up for sale

Donald Trump could find himself living in the White House very soon - even if he loses the US Election. Not the one in Washington DC, of course, but if he wanted to spend a small fraction of his vast wealth on a new pad then there is a White House in Ireland up for…

Map of Eurpoe with united Ireland. copyright Asarlaí cc4

Increase in number of Irish people in favour of united Ireland

New figures show that over two thirds of Irish people are now in favour of a united Ireland. A poll by the Sunday Business Post/Red C showed that there has been a slight rise in the number of people in favour of reuniting the Republic and the North since July when the figure was 65%.…

Škoda buried under €4,000 in a Dublin car park

€4,000 left in a Dublin car park – would you take any of it?

If €4,000 was just left unattended in a car park how long would you expect it to last before being ‘claimed’ by an opportunistic passer-by? A new video from Škoda has put that to the test in a Dublin car park – although their experiment does have a bit of a twist. (more…)

Irishman tells a wedding story on the Graham Norton show

Irishman’s wedding story has A list stars in a state of shock

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – well a recent story on Graham Norton’s chat show is evidence that a scorned man can also be extremely unforgiving. The story came as part of the ‘big red chair’ segment of Norton’s show, where members of the public sit on a chair…

Northern Ireland is a hotspot for the giant gene

Northern Ireland is ‘giant hotspot’ say geneticists

An area of Northern Ireland has been dubbed a ‘giant hotspot’ after it was discovered that a significant number of people carry a gene that can lead to gigantism. In Mid-Ulster, one in 150 people carry the AIP gene (also known as the giant gene). That is a substantially higher proportion than Belfast (one in…

Johnny O'Connor - Ireland's most excitable car salesman

Great video from Ireland’s most excitable car salesman

A car salesman in Ireland has become an internet smash after a video of his enthusiastic approach to his work went viral. Johnny O’Connor of Cork starts off his video by saying: “No need to trade in, you don’t need a deposit – we pay your deposit.” (more…)