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An Irish bookmaker has dedicated himself to taking bets about Donald Trump

Irish bookmaker dedicates himself to Donald Trump bets

An Irish bookmaker has become the first in the world to dedicate himself entirely to taking bets on Donald Trump. Dubliner Joe Lee has become Paddy Power’s Head of Trump Bets and is prepared to give odds on pretty much anything Trump related. (more…)

Autumn on the Island of Ireland video from tourism Ireland

Spooky things taking place in Ireland this autumn

The latest video from Tourism Ireland takes us on a lightning quick journey around the entire country. The video is called ‘Autumn on the Island of Ireland’ and shows that there is going to be plenty to see in the coming months. (more…)

Can Irish magician Oisin Foley read your mind

Irish magician reads minds from across the internet

An Irish magician has posted a video showing that he doesn’t need to appear face to face with a contestant in order to ‘read their mind’. Oisin Foley is a 22-year-old law student but is a keen magician in his spare time. (more…)

BBC video - things you should never say to Irish people

Things not to say to Irish people

There are certainly perks to being Irish – we seem to be one of the most loved nationalities in the world. Tourists love visiting Ireland to experience the beautiful scenery and the notoriously friendly people. (more…)

Comedy star Jen Hatton's new video sees her American cousin coming over to visit

When our Irish-American cousins come to visit…

People in Ireland and America have plenty of similarities – our shared love of music and the craic and a flair for storytelling being a few examples. However, nothing makes us more aware of the small differences between the two nations than when our American relatives come to visit. (more…)

New Jersey bartender shows off gravity defying trick with pint of Guinness

Barman’s gravity defying trick with pints of Guinness

A bartender in New Jersey, USA, has created a stir online after a video of him flipping pints of Guinness in the air has gone viral. Russell Donnelly works at Finnegan’s Pub in Hoboken and delighted customers with a flamboyant and gravity defying display of skills. (more…)

Canadian Prime Minister discovers he has Irish heritage

Canadian Prime Minister discovers Irish heritage

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has discovered he has Irish ancestry – which might help to explain why he was pretty good at hurling when he gave it a try. Genealogist Fiona Fitzsimons led a team of experts at The Irish Family History Centre (EPIC) in tracing Trudeau’s family back 10 generations to 17th century…

Hypnotised Irishman 'gives birth to a baby girl' on stage at charity event

Hypnotised Irishman ‘gives birth to baby girl’

In many a ‘battle-of-the-sexes’ debate around the world, women always have a trump card to play – their high pain threshold. The proof is in the pudding, after all it is women who go through the pain of childbirth. While men can also experience pain in particularly sensitive areas that women will never truly understand,…

Spider-Man star Tom Holland speaks about his Irish heritage

‘Spider-Man’ speaks about his Irish heritage and his love for Ireland

The star of the new Spider-Man movie has spoken about his Irish heritage in an interview ahead of the release of the film; ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’. Tom Holland also spoke about filming in Ireland for some of his previous movies, his favourite parts of the country and how much playing the iconic super hero means to…

Campaign to save the station featured in the movie 'The Quiet Man' reaches it's fundraising target

‘Save The Quiet Man station’ campaigners reach their target

Campaigners to save the iconic station from the movie ‘The Quiet Man’ have reached their fundraising target in the nick of time. It means that they will be able to start working to stop the station falling any further into disrepair and ultimately renovate it and turn it into a tourist attraction. (more…)

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