Author: Andrew Moore

Reese Witherspoon thrilled to discover her Irish heritage

Reese Witherspoon thrilled to discover her Irish heritage

Hollywood superstar Reese Witherspoon was thrilled to discovery that she has Irish ancestry and even joked that she fits the stereotype because: “I’m a really good drinker.” The Legally Blonde actress was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s chat show and said she had just been told by his producer that she is “63% Irish”. (more…)

Heartfelt wedding poem from father of the bride

Heartfelt wedding poem from father of the bride

Irish actress Aoibhin Garrihy has released a video of her narrating a heartfelt poem written by her father for her wedding day. Doolin Romance is a moving piece penned by Aoighin’s father Eugene, to celebrate his little girl growing up and finding love. (more…)


Inspiring ‘This is IRELAND’ video will make you proud

‘This is IRELAND’ is an inspiring new video released to showcase all the country has to offer for people thinking about coming here to live, study and invest. The five-minute film was produced by Creative Ireland, which is a government scheme to highlight and celebrate the vast creative talents of our country. (more…)

What trait do all Irish Mammies share?

What trait do all Irish Mammies share?

Irish Mammies are famous around the world. They are renowned for their caring, protective, nurturing instinct, as well as their bossy and take-no-nonsense manner. But is their one trait that sums up the Irish Mammy? Apparently there is. (more…)

Badly poured pint of Guinness upsets online community

A café has misfired in their attempts to use Guinness to generate interest in St Patrick’s Day because, well, they clearly don’t know how to correctly pour a pint of the black stuff. Guinness is one of the most iconic brands from Ireland, and this St Patrick’s Day, millions of glasses will be expertly poured…

Groom chooses to marry his wife in IKEA

Groom chooses unusual venue for his TV wedding

A groom chose an unusual venue for his wedding when he was given sole responsibility of organising the most happy day of his and his new wife’s lives. Dubliner Ben McQuillan and his fiancé Celina were the stars of the first episode of the latest series of RTÉ’S Don’t Tell the Bride. (more…)

Kind stranger writes heart-warming letter to anorexia sufferer

Kind stranger writes heart-warming letter to anorexia sufferer

A woman who is recovering from anorexia was handed a letter by a complete stranger on a train that contained kind words of love and support. The woman, who has asked for her name to be changed to Rose for the publication of this story, was travelling to a clinic as an outpatient for treatment.…

Jackie Kennedy believed Elizabeth Taylor had affair with JFK

Jackie Kennedy believed Elizabeth Taylor had affair with JFK

It has been revealed that Jackie Kennedy hated Elizabeth Taylor because she was convinced the Hollywood star had bedded her husband. The double Oscar winning actress denied her relationship with the President ever went beyond friendship, but was unable to convince the First Lady resulting in a bitter feud. (more…)

Stephen Fry pays tribute to Irish language

Stephen Fry pays tribute to Irish language

Stephen Fry has re-affirmed his affection for the people of Ireland with a kind message ahead of the Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish week) celebrations. The legendary actor, comedian and presenter recorded a brief message for RTÉ in which he spoke of his admiration for the Irish language and how it has been kept alive throughout…

Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical

Meatloaf talks about Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical

Bat Out Of Hell - The Musical has been a long time coming. Ask Meat Loaf when he first heard about the idea, and he replies: "About 48 years ago. It's been Jimmy's dream since I first met him." Jimmy, of course, is Jim Steinman, Meat's long-time friend, and writer of the songs that made…

Gardening courses

School for green fingers – gardening courses

Not sure how to prune properly? Want a beginner's guide to vegetable growing? Fancy a new career as a garden designer? Whatever your horticultural bent, there is a course out there for you, from one-day taster courses to degrees and recognised horticultural qualifications. But where do you start? (more…)

Adult vaccinations

Know your jabs? Adult vaccinations

Infectious diseases, including flu and pneumonia, remain a big killer in older age-groups, in spite of modern antibiotics. Even if a disease isn't normally fatal, like shingles, it can still cause significant pain for as long as a year. (more…)

Annette Bening

Annette Bening on her relationship with her kids and her parents

In 20th Century Women, Annette Bening plays Dorothea, a single mum in Seventies Santa Barbara. It's a time of cultural revolution and rebellion, and Dorothea's doing her best to embrace the change that's happening - both in the wider world and at home, as her teenage son grows up. (more…)

Emma Hatcher FODMAP diet

FODMAP diet – ‘It’s been a life-changer’

The term 'low FODMAP diet' may leave you scratching your head - but not for much longer, if Emma Hatcher has anything to do with it. FODMAPs - fermentable, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols - are types of short-chain carbohydrates that can be tricky to digest, and they can wreak havoc for some people with…