Author: Andrew Moore

Irish people across the world say what Ireland means to them

Irish people across the world say what Ireland means to them

Ireland means something slightly different to everyone you ask and yet there are common themes which show that there are far more things that unite us than divide us. Focus Ireland, which works tirelessly to help the homeless, has compiled a video featuring dozens of people from all across the world capturing the essence of…

Wonderful wedding speech to tune of Fairytale of New York

Wonderful wedding speech to tune of Fairytale of New York

Everyone loves Fairtytale of New York but no one has heard it sung to these words. Bridesmaid Triona Ní Chualáin decided to use the tune but add some lyrics of her own to provide an hilarious and moving wedding speech for the happy couple, Fiona and Fergus Folan from Connemara. (more…)

We all know two old fellas like this at Christmas

We all know two old fellas like this at Christmas

Christmas - it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying good food and a few drinks, giving and receiving presents with your loved ones. Oh and listening to these two going on! (more…)

James Brewster

Father’s last gift to son returned after heartfelt appeal

Heartbreak was turned into joy for a boy in Northern Ireland after the bike which was the last gift his late father gave him has been returned by the thief who had stolen it. James Brewster, 9, was heartbroken when his beloved silver mountain bike went missing from his back garden. (more…)

Could Ireland and Britain share border control after Brexit

Could Ireland and Britain share border control after Brexit?

The UK could move its border to also include the Republic in order to ‘protect the two islands against terrorism’. That is according to Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster, who also added that the prospect was being discussed before Britain’s vote to leave the EU. (more…)

Vickie De Beer

‘Diabetes soon becomes your new normal’

Vickie De Beer knew something was wrong when her normally energetic eight-year-old son Lucca began to struggle to wake in the mornings, and came back from an annual camping trip with his dad Joe and two brothers looking unusually exhausted. Although her husband and three sons often returned pleasantly tired from a few days in…

Tired legs

Need a leg-up? Tired legs

It's a nice idea: putting your feet up and bunkering down for some winter hibernation. In reality though, our bodies can be put through their paces during the festive rush, with all the to-ing and fro-ing and extra shopping to be done (and you'll want to save some energy for the dance floor at your…

United Ireland football team

Sínn Féin call for United Ireland football team

Sinn Féin have called for a united Ireland football team, with players from both north and south of the border lining up alongside one another. The idea has been discussed in the past, and has been raised again by the Republican Party, as they present a document on Irish unity this week. (more…)

Marcus Wareing

‘Cooking with kids can be hell’

Marcus Wareing is a serious chef. Whether you've watched him on MasterChef, Great British Menu, or in one of his three restaurants, it's a word you'd definitely use to describe him. And he wouldn't disagree. (more…)

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams – from Angel to Icon

Robbie Williams might be a lot of things, but never let it be said he's not a great conversationalist. Publicly, the former Take That star - who will soon become the third recipient of the BRIT Icon award - is a record-breaking solo artist, among Britain's biggest-ever exports, singer, songwriter and, as he is at…


We could all be lifesavers – defibrillators

Do you know what AED stands for? It means 'automated external defibrillator', and if you still think you're not familiar, just picture an episode of Casualty or Holby City, where they use those hand-held gizmos to deliver an electric shock to somebody's chest and zap their heart back into action. (more…)

Keep illness at bay

20 secrets for keeping illness at bay

OK, so there's no such this as being TOTALLY immune to all illness. But nobody can deny that some people fare better when it comes to the dreaded winter lurgy than others. Do you seem to catch every bug going, while your neighbour/best friend/colleague seems to glide through winter snot and sniffle-free? (more…)

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston talks about his autobiography

Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston may have become a global star as anti-hero Walter White, but he's managed to stay grounded amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. But there was a time when the LA native almost became unhinged, when an ex-girlfriend started stalking him. (more…)

ProdiJIG on TG4

ProdiJIG stun TG4 audience with Irish dance routine

Leading Irish dance group ProdiJIG have created a new video to celebrate TG4's 20th Anniversary show. The routine is a fantastic blend of traditional Irish and modern dance, and is brought to life with the stunning soundtrack and energetic performances. (more…)

Ryan Tubridy Katie Hopkis

Ryan Tubridy admits he didn’t want Hopkins either

Even Ryan Tubridy has admitted he didn’t want Katie Hopkins on his show this week! The announcement earlier this week that controversial Katie Hopkins will be a guest on The Late Late Show was met by anger and dismay by many in Ireland. (more…)

Glynn Purnell

‘Yummie Brummie’ Glynn Purnell’s shares his culinary secrets

He's been branded one of the trailblazers of new British cooking, but at the heart of Glynn Purnell's success is his refusal to take himself too seriously. If he's not cracking jokes and reeling off witty anecdotes, the 'Yummy Brummie' is referring to himself as the Roger Federer of Birmingham's imploding culinary scene. (more…)